Tap Into a Melodious "Love Dilemma," With Tina Rez

The self-acclaimed Aussie Pop Princess, Tina Rez, has exemplified a life that validates the saying; dreams do come true.

After facing many obstacles and appalling experiences in her musical journey since she began in 2019, Tina Rez missed out on many potential opportunities to perform and build her reputation. Always knowing what she wanted, and keeping her eye on the prize, she has since moved on from her previous studio and now works with one of Australia's best studios: Studios 301.

2021 marks her rebirth as she’s stepping to the plate with some groovy tunes up her sleeve. Ambitious to climb the ladder to success, she is turning into the star she is destined to be.

Serving up a vibrant spectrum of pop-infused stylings, the fusion of energy hailing from Tina Rez’s latest single, “Love Dilemma,” has us completely onboard of her musical ship. Dousing us in the 70s themed, funk-fueled environment that adds a playful connotation to the subject matter of the song, Tina Rez shows us a glimpse of her mind's inner findings as we grasp on to the relatability factor of this track.

Channeling an unapologetic persona through her charismatic timbres that glide across this composition, Tina Rez has us vibing out to the effortless manner she presents her sassy, and fierce self. The narrative of “Love Dilemma,” delves into a relationship where the female partner uses a manipulation tactic to get exactly what she wants from the guy, and in turn, leaves him high and dry to fend off a broken heart.

A tale that we all know too well, we pick up on that sense of familiarity as we seek out to learn every single word of this vibrant record, and chant it right back to Tina Rez with utter confidence. Emitting a dazzling display of top-tier production, “Love Dilemma,” proves that the time you spend tweaking a record is time not wasted.

Hello Tina, welcome to BuzzMuisc, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Love Dilemma.” We absolutely love the story that is told in the detailed lyrics you perform! Was there a particular moment or story that inspired this narrative?

Thank you so much!! I love showing my personality through my music! I have a sense of humor, I’m bubbly, outgoing and I am very cheeky! “Love Dilemma” sure did bring out my cheeky side! My thoughts and fantasies inspire me so much. Sometimes I think of things that I would love to experience and enjoy writing about it. I just step into that world and experience it that way! So with "Love dilemma," I was wondering what it would be like to be a heartbreaker and just want to have a good time! So “Love Dilemma” came to life!

Looking into the timeframe of this release, how long did it take you to create, record, and release this single? What encouraged you to make this your debut?

Oh, it did take quite a while! The track is probably 3 minutes long but behind the scenes, it takes weeks to write, produce, record, mix, and master! When I’m in the studio I’m there for a full 8 hours! It gets exhausting but it’s so worth it! "Love Dilemma" marks my rebirth and rebrand after a terrible experience I had last year with an independent label. I was honestly on the edge and was heading towards scrapping my career. I felt like my whole career was ruined! But giving up isn’t in my books and I couldn’t handle the thought of just giving up the music! So the EP I released last year with this label has been taken down and now I’m starting a new chapter! I decided I wanted to start again and sprinkle happy vibes and energy towards my audience! I felt that I needed to come back as who I really am!

Since working at Studios 301, could you please share a glimpse into what that’s like? How has working here helped to bring your authentic sound to the table?

Oh, where do I start! Studios 301 are beyond amazing! From the time you book into the time you finish your track. The whole process is really well structured! I work closely with Simon Cohen and Erin Marshall as a team. They are so supportive and we all work so well together! We all have the same vision! When recording vocals, Simon helps bring out the best in me! He guides me and his advice is so valuable and generous! The vibe in there is just incredible and I never want to leave! I can’t wait to get back in!

Is this the vibe that we can expect from your future releases? What is the main message you hope to communicate through your music?

Absolutely! I may be a mum but deep down I love to party haha! The main message I hope to communicate is life is too short! Have fun, have a good time, be yourself and if you have no friends or haters then that’s ok! You don’t need anyone! Just keep being you! - my next single hint.

What's next for you?

I will be releasing another single in a few weeks' time so keep your eyes and ears open! You will also see an EP launch in the near future and some amazing gigs!


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