Tap Into Opposite Realities in Regi Levi’s Release “La Di Da"

Originally in Indonesia and now riding the waves in Southern California, is the R&B artist Regi Levi. Regi Levi released his vibey EP ‘Isolation,’ and we are diving right into the electric tune “La Di Da” that features Waqqas to get a closer look at what Regi Levi’s music speaks all about. “La Di Da” brings an unexpectedly happy and moving feeling to the table while listening we couldn’t help but have this glimmer of hope inside. Regi Levi tells us about there being only one person who can save him and feel who he truly is. Beautifully complimenting Regi Levi’s robotic-sounding tone is the more bottomless, slightly edgy performance from Waqqas in the second verse that tells us about wanting to hold onto that person and never let go. The mood in “La Di Da” is incredibly exciting, your ears will be perked throughout the record, the lyrics have an almost sad feeling to them and the backing track has a melancholic feel. However, the vocal performance feels incredibly cheerful; this approach leads to a thought-provoking experience that you will not want to miss. “La Di Da” features a moody keyboard, thundering low 808 drums, and to top it off, performances from Regi Levi and Waqqas that seals the deal for us. Since listening to this release, we are genuinely excited and cannot wait to hear what other treasures are on this EP.

You can vibe out to “La Di Da” here.