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Tap Into Your Faith with AMI-LA's 80s Inspired Single, "Creature"

AMI-LA is a pastor kid who grew up listening to and singing gospel music since the tender age of 5. Her style is vibrant with a mixture of gospel alternative rock and embodies a hint of soul.

She identifies most with contemporary gospel music, but with her unique style, the message is strong. The Kingdom calls it Message Music. Some of her music influences are Yolanda Adams, Billie Holiday, Kirk Franklin, Mariah Carey, and Monica. Being inspired by all genres of music, she knows that her purpose on earth is to use her voice for the Lord to provoke change.

Allowing us to tap into a realm that is fueled by funk, soul, and overall uplifting vibrations, AMI-LA’s single “Creature,” comes hurtling through the speakers and into our hearts. Found on her three-track EP, ‘Decades,’ the nostalgic flair that is offered up has us submerging ourselves in the reminiscent sounds of the 80s as she tours us through a prevalent soundscape that ventures on with a purpose.

The vibrancy that her alluring personality showcases, speaks to us on a newfound dimension that catches every luminescent twinkle that sparkles on the spectrum of captivating melodies. AMI-LA uses a remarkable amount of timing and spatial cues in the manner she chooses to deliver her lyrics. Bringing a distinct focus to how she ties in the sounds of the times with her messaging that casts upon the Lord, AMI-LA has us bouncing to the beat of her own drum.

There are not many out there who can transport you through the decades and still manage to add their own creative zest to a musical concoction robust with bolstered components. AMI-LA has us thrilled to explore her interpretations on a level of consciousness and depth, all while she breaks down barriers by placing emphasis on her faith.

Welcome to BuzzMusic AMI-LA, and congratulations on the release of “Creature.” The concept that you have instilled into your EP ‘Decades,’ is so unique and memorable. What inspired you to take this route when bringing life to your vision?

Thank you so much! Honestly, God gave it to me. I've always enjoyed music and fashion from various decades, and what's more vivid than the 80s, 90s, and 00s. I identify with those time periods because I've lived through them. Just being inspired by so many artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Monica, Kirk Franklin, and Adele inspired me to experiment with various forms of music in gospel format. Plus, I have a song on the EP entitled Take Me There that was written over five years ago, and it always reminded me of an 80s prom, so I just started from there, and God directed the rest of the creativity.

In your own words, what does “Creature” mean to you? Why did you find it well suited for the position of the second track of this project?

To me, Creature means a transformative being, one who may have wild tendencies but has a heart of gold. I thought this was perfect for the second track because it's edgy, and it is a stark contrast between the love ballad of Take Me There and my folk-inspired River song. It's always fun to have a surprise or something unexpected, and I think Creature is that unpredictable track with a unique message. A message of regardless of your past, your future can change, especially with Christ.

Do you find it fairly easy to tap into your faith in order to write music? Has this always been the case for you?

Easy, no but, I think it's extremely organic. Things just come to me now. I can see something or hear something or be in meditation, and a melody will come or a phrase, it's as if the heavens just opened and dropped this thought into my head like ok let's try this, it's pretty different and sometimes even surprising like, ok Lord let's do this, sure! Of course, this has not always been the case, but as I've been progressing in my spiritual journey, it has truly changed me, and I'm grateful for all the heavenly downloads, lol.

What’s your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that this transpires into everything you choose to do?

My mission statement as an artist is this, to use my voice for the Lord to provoke change. Whether through giving advice to others or posting a scripture online; you never know who can be influenced by your life. Trust and believe someone is always watching, even if you don't know it. So, I think being authentic, vulnerable, and sincere about your walk with Christ is imperative because you never know how it can help someone else. #ChangeAgentforChrist #KingdomMessageMusic.


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