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Tara Anjuli Let's Her Guard Down in "Character"

Tara Anjuli is not quite your young Pop cookie-cutter artist. In fact, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, is most likely going to capture your attention with her deep songwriting.

A big fan of 2000’s pop, she's been hard at work creating demos. The music she creates is thought-provoking, and sleek, where words spill out into melodies that thread the universe of Pop and journalism. The warmth in Tara Anjuli’s voice is alluring, as she can give you angelic riffs and deep lows, which makes her alto unique.

Sprinkling her undeniable knack for portraying a prevailing message on her most recent single “Character,” Tara Anjuli has us all skipping to the beat of her own drum with this powerhouse of a bop. The vibrant instrumentation has a buoyant flow to the way it dips into a modern, yet nostalgic 80s Pop soundscape as she cascades her sultry croons over the beat in a way that glides effortlessly smooth.

Projecting a series of lyrical motifs that complement the words to follow and come before in sequence, Tara Anjuli buckles down for a bolstered performance that leaves words such as, ‘The dreams that you're saying. Oh, they're mine too. But this emotional shit just isn't foolproof,’ lingering on our mind long after the song comes to a halt. Prompting us to grasp the emotion she sheds through the vulnerable and authentic hues conveyed, Tara Anjuli has a burning passion that is spiked with profound realizations she comes ready to share.

Being a force to be reckoned with, Tara Anjuli undoubtedly holds the power to transport us to her universe of lived experiences, and how she handles what comes her way. Building strong connections within her rapidly growing fan base, she continues to flourish in a world longing for relatability and compassion.

It's a pleasure to catch up with you on your latest release, “Character." The way that “Character,” flows has us enjoying every moment of this sonic voyage. Could you please take us into what inspired you to create this track?

Yeah! The actual writing of “Character” was a fairly quick process, but the ideas in the song had been sort of bouncing around in my head for a while before I got them onto paper. Honestly, I had been feeling a bit cynical and closed off from people so I started going over some of the crushes I’d had in the past and trying to remember the mindset I was in at the time. Relating the past and the present is frequently how I’m able to bring a song to life.

When writing about the subject matter as such, do you find it fairly easy to get onto paper or do you find it more of a challenge?

For me, I would say it all depends on how inspired and excited I am by the concept. It could be a difficult subject matter or more of a light-hearted one, but what it comes down to is whether or not I can really get into a creative “flow” with it. Sometimes, as was the case with writing Character, I go over similar thoughts for a few days letting ideas build on each other and then things spill naturally onto the page when they’re ready. Frequently I write bits and pieces of songs, a verse here, a chorus there, I might abandon it forever or come back to it in a month or two. And then sometimes, if I’m lucky, a whole song will be written in 20-30 minutes completely out of nowhere. That’s one of the best feelings.

When looking into the themes and messages conveyed through the heartfelt sounds of “Character,” what are you hoping that your audience takes away from this song?

I hope my listeners can come away feeling a little freer. If you’ve been obsessing over an embarrassing situation or obsessing over a person or feeling like you have to constantly be on your guard, I hope this can be a little reminder to not take life or yourself too seriously!

What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve received throughout your artistic career to date?

I struggle a lot with perfectionism, so one piece of writing advice that really hit home for me was that “your perspective is your superpower.” There are millions of love songs, breakup songs, etc, it’s almost 100% certain that anything you write about has been written about before. The new and interesting factor in the equation is you. What you have to say, what you felt in that certain situation, the details and visuals that you add, that’s what will draw people in.

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