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Tarah Who? Slashes Through Ignorance With Their Recent Music Video “Pantomath”

Los Angeles based rock duo Tarah Who? channels their inner punk with their killer music video "Pantomath." The duo being Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals/guitar) and Coralie Hervé (drums/backing vocals), Tarah Who? is never shy to stand their ground and fight for what they believe in.

Especially with their recent track/music video "Pantomath," Tarah Who? broke down the meaning of the word and explained that a pantomath is someone who wants to know, and knows everything. Tarah Carpenter spoke on a conversation she had with a musician. He was criticizing others and their decision making towards his version of success, thus being inspired to create the beast that is "Pantomath."

Taking a look at the music video for "Pantomath" (produced by Nupur Mehrotra/Apoorv Arora and directed by Ellinor Skeppström), the opening scene consists of nothing but Tarah Carpenter and the desert of Antelope Valley, CA. The track jumps right in and screams female empowerment through scenes of stern and powerful women on their motorcycles, and highlighted lyrics like "Just because of my gender I get a lot of mansplaining, I'm smiling, but I know you're wrong."

Tarah Who? really hits ignorance on the nose, as they powerfully express their pent up aggression towards forced smiling, nodding and putting up with blatant remarks. As Tarah Carpenter walks straight from the desert into the set to plug in her guitar and meet Coralie Hervé on the drums, Tarah Who? sets off into the fire with an energetic performance. Capturing an anthem for bothered females everywhere, Tarah Who? and their video for "Pantomath" brings a healthy way to express those mind-boggling occurrences.

You can watch the video for "Pantomath" here.



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