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Tarik Releases His Single “World Wide”

Tarik is a 25 year old businessman, college graduate, and rapper born raised in mobile Alabama. Initially, Tarik began writing music for fun in his early teenage years but he started taking it seriously in 2018. He always had a ear for good music due to coming from a musically inclined household and background. His father plays guitar and his older brother Maxx Payne is a well known musician and producer who has worked with various popular artists like YFN Lucci, Bankroll Fresh, Boosie, and many more. Smoke Tape Chronicles, a joint project with childhood friend, BIGSYX, was Tarik's first body of work released in the summer of 2018. Tarik has a broad variety of music influences ranging from Curren$y, Nipsey Hussle, Nas, to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Erykah Badu, and Coltrane. Altogether, he cultivated and crafted his own individualistic style in cadence of those who inspired him.

In his spare time, Tarik teaches people how to invest and create generational wealth. In addition to helping people with their finances Tarik enjoys traveling and has even been to Hong Kong and Costa Rica!

And now that we’re on the topic of travels and geography, we took a listen to Tarik’s newest single titled “World Wide” which begins with an ethereal and stratospheric introduction. The beat reminds me similar to the lo-fi chilled rap we’re a fan of. It’s not the type of rap song to head bang to or blast in a club, but it’s the perfect hip-hop song to become consciously in tuned with the inverse lyrics. Tarik has delivered his verses with simplicity while projecting complex lyrics. The poignant record breathes life into its listeners by simply soothing their mood and creating a setting of relaxation and peace. It’s difficult to envision anybody listening to “World Wide” in a tensed mood. The song serves as a subdued electrolyte that could be used as our personal musical Gatorade to give us the energy we need in an oddly satisfying demeanor. Tarik exceeded past our expectations with this one, and we’re almost sure if he consistently continues to release addictive tunes like “World Wide” then we will most definitely be hearing a lot more from this mobile artist!

Listen to “World Wide” here and get to know more about Tarik

Hi there, welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell a little about yourself and how you started your career in music?

I’m a 25 year old laid back guy from Mobile, Alabama about my business just trying to make my mark on the world and inspire others. I graduated with a Bachelors degree majoring in Accounting. I currently work in the financial services industry but I’ve always  loved music. My dad plays guitar and my brother is a music producer that’s worked with quite a few well known artists so music has always will been a big part of my life. I started writing at a young age but just recently started spending more time in the studio. The music is just in me so I’ve got to put it out. 

Tell us about “World Wide”. What’s the meaning behind it?

World Wide is a fun upbeat track with a summer vibe. Basically this song is the introduction of me as an artist. In the song I let you know where I’m coming from which is the dirty south all the way down in Mobile, AL (we call it the Port City) Even though I’m from a small town in Alabama I’m trying to take this music World Wide.

What inspired you to write this?

Honestly it was the beat. It just had a dope vibe to it and felt epic. A legend by the name of Nas told us “The World is Yours” so not only do I want to make a name for myself in my city but the whole world.

Any special moments in “World Wide” you thought best highlighted the theme of the song?

There’s a line in the second verse “2016 I was all the way in Asia, smashed a broad from the motherland I’m way too playa”. Funny, but it’s actually a true story. I flew to HongKong for my 23rd birthday and ended up taking a ferry to Macau for a few days. I ended up meeting a girl from Africa at a nightclub and yeah... I’ll leave it at that Ha.

What’s next for you Tarik?

My first solo EP (Panoramic ) is dropping in May, God willing. The music is all done I’m just working on visuals and a marketing plan. Other than that I plan to keep stacking this money and taking risk, investing in myself. I think this is a really critical time in my life and I’m just trying to keep goin Up.


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