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Tarion Places Major Significance In, "Nothing Means Anything"

Take a good look at the new face of the fusion of Pop, Soul, and R&B music. Coming out of the South, Houston's very own, Tarion, has been training, singing, and performing since a young age. With a unique style cultivated on his own, he allows his influence of the greats to speak into the tunes that he creates.

With his most recent release, “Nothing Means Anything,” Tarion pays homage to legends like Prince and D’Angelo while still sitting comfortably with today’s top hits vibes.

As one of five singles that this emerging artist currently has out, “Nothing Means Anything,” strikes as heavily as the title it has been given. Alongside musical architect, producer prodbyZiG, a wavy, funk-filled ambiance pulls you into the enthralling showcase of a Pop meets 70’s psychedelic, soul medley. Infectious grooves surge through the speakers as you zone into the weighty bassline presented in the structure of, “Nothing Means Anything.”

By placing a modern twist on a track that is so heavily influenced by the eras to come before it, the sultry timbres of the soothing vocalization that Tarion performs remain unmatched. The quintessence of his soul is backed up by passion taking the driver’s seat as he cascades his reverberated tones throughout this piece.

Tarion exudes an untamed aura around his intoxicating melodies that set the tone for records to come. With each lyric and not carefully shed, the texture in his harmonious melodies have you locked in and anticipating what is next to come in this slick sonic voyage. As you contemplate life and the significance placed throughout moments, Tarion hits his message out of the park as he has your mind sinking to levels of inquiry by questioning the meanings at hand.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tarion, and congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “Nothing Means Anything.” You display an extremely unique fusion of genres throughout the music that you create! How did you develop your sound and tailor it to become what it is today?

I think my sound is a credit to what I call “The Stewing Process” (everything comes back to food for me lol).


• A few handfuls of years studying the greats! (Prince, Cher, Charlie Puth, Tina Turner, many more)

• A few years assembling a great team! (Alongside my business partner and friend, prodbyZiG, I assembled a team of rising music masters from all over the world that now doubles as friends. I think that helped add that extra spice to the stew.)

• A bunch of trial and error!

• A handful of great, supportive, & loving family and friends!

• 1 large lump of authenticity!

• As much tenacity as you can bear

Let sit until ready.

With, “Nothing Means Anything,” what inspired the storyline behind the message of this single?

“Nothing Means Anything” was written a few years ago by myself, prodbyZiG, and singer-songwriter Nic Hanson. At the time we had no idea that the world would look the way it does now, but we all felt something brewing and we felt the need to express it. NMA is a call to action for all of us. It’s an invitation to stop wasting the time that we have here and go after the things we really want! The things that really matter to us.

“Nothing Means Anything” is a funked-out reminder that “we got thangs to do,” and we’d better get to em. Of course, because most of my songs are about love & relationships we decided to express this feeling through the lens of a love-struck, head over hills, always falls for her a little too hard, guy.....(aka me).

What was it like working with producer, prodbyZiG, to bring this record to life?

Working with prodbyZiG has been a dream come true, for lack of sounding cheesy, but it’s true. I remember listening to Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex Love Sounds” and thinking, “that’s the way I gotta do it.” It was like you could feel the energy between Justin & Timberland through the record and that’s what working with Z does for me. Beyond the work, he’s like another brother to me, so it makes the process easy.

Many artists have faced challenges this year due to the trials and tribulations of 2020, were there any specific challenges that you had to overcome? How have they shaped you as the artist that you are today? 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

2020 was definitely a learning curve for me as a person and artist. NMA is 1 of 5 songs I have out currently and I started releasing them right at the beginning of the US shut down, so you can imagine how much of a roller coaster the rollout has been lol! I do believe, however, that every negative situation provides room for a positive outcome. So my team and I got creative and figured out new ways to be inspired, so that we could, in turn, inspire. In a few years before 2020, I lived through my grandmother passing away, my father being diagnosed with double cancer, my mother being diagnosed with cancer, my mom passing away, losing my best friends, losing my apartment, and countless other nightmarish endeavors. Through all of those experiences, I realized that music was one thing that was constant. It was a touchstone that brought comfort at times, tears at times, joy, laughter, contemplation. It was a friend that I needed when I couldn’t say the words myself and the distraction I needed when my mind was drowned in everything around me. It lifted me. The fact that someone was able to reach into their struggle, pull out this amazing art and authenticity, and share that with the world inspired me to do the same and not just for everyone else, but for myself too.



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