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Taste A Piece Of "Heaven" From ĒISA

The tantalizing sounds of singer-songwriter ĒISA come to us from Los Angeles, CA. Heard around the world as she continues to emerge with a growing catalog, the up-and-coming star finds continuous support from her family as well as artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment.

Launching her independent label, EISA RECORDS LLC, in the summer of 2022, ĒISA can add her fresh alluring single "Heaven" to her burgeoning music catalog. As ĒISA's angelic voice takes over your speakers, it seems fitting that this lilting pop track defines the direction ĒISA's sound is headed.

With an established poise fueling the instrumentation, the elusive foundation basks in sustaining guitar riffs, intentional percussion patterns, and breathtaking wind elements. The therapeutic framework invites ĒISA's profound timbres to ooze heartfelt nuances as she delivers a theme drenched in romance and adoration with lyrical motifs like, "you're the closest thing to heaven." Showcasing her extensive vocal range through poignant harmonies and graceful reach that ignites high notes, "Heaven" elevates you to the sentiments felt and professed by ĒISA.

Conveying her emotions in such a breezy manner, her opulent croons bob and weave along with the groove-filled bop – making it impossible to sit still as this song continues. From start to finish, ĒISA is radiant in the luxurious sounds of "Heaven." It's no wonder why this budding starlet shows major promise of rising to the top as she continues to cement her place in the music industry.

Get whisked away with "Heaven" on all major streaming platforms.




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