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Tate Logan & Zachary Ross Drop An Exciting New Cover Of "Jessie's Girl"

Tate Logan teams up with Man Overbaord's vocalist Zachary Ross for a vibrant new rendition of Rick Springfield's classic hit, "Jessie's Girl."

You know you're listening to the sounds and styles of Tate Logan when your speaker starts to melt with 90s surf rock, 00s pop punk, modern hyper-pop, and singer-songwriter deep cuts. On the other hand, Zachary Ross is the frontman of the pivotal pop-punk band Man Overboard.

Together, Logan and Ross are diving headfirst into pop-punk and 80s nostalgia with their recent collaboration, the steamy cover of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl." Furthermore, 50% of the song's streams and downloads will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Click here to donate.

Expanding on the new cover, "Jessie's Girl," the song powerfully opens with an exciting punk-esque guitar riff, taking on a more modern version of the song's classic intro. Tate Logan opens the song with his flaming hot vocals that seep through our speakers with energy, passion, and charisma, putting on one hell of a vocal performance while throwing himself into the original song's exciting vibe and energy.

Zachary Ross tackles the song's second verse in a more composed, emotional manner, with his iconic breathy vocals and intoxicating melodies that deliver a completely new side to this classic hit. The riveting hook, vocals, and instrumentals are exhilarating; we truly didn't know we needed a pop-punk rendition of "Jessie's Girl" until now.

Buckle up and lock yourself into the energy, passion, and nostalgia of Tate Logan and Zachary Ross's new cover, "Jessie's Girl," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz Music, Tate, and Zachary. We love your version of this iconic classic; what about this song that spoke to you and planted a desire to remaster it? What does the song mean to you?

Zachary: For me, it was really simple. Tate is a great dude, and this is a super awesome song, add into the mix that I am in love with everything ’80s, and it really was just a good fit for my creativity. The song doesn't mean much to me as far as the lyrics go. I think it's about some sketchy behavior, to be honest. But I think it's one of the great American pop songs of the decade.

Tate: I totally agree with Zac, I love the 80s, and this song has always been a favorite of mine. It’s just SO catchy. The guitar riff is totally iconic, and we thought it would be fun to speed it up and give it more of a punk rock feel. I wanted to cover a song that would reach more than one generation. My parents used to play this song when I was a kid, it’s classic for sure.

The music video for this cover goes all too well with the lyrics. Is the song something you can identify with, or is your rendition more of a comical approach?

Zachary: I don't know about Tate, but for me, it's absolutely comical. I have never wanted my friend's gf. If this song was written and called “Zac's girl,” I would punch Rick Springfield in the face.

Tate: Definitely a comical approach. I don’t think this song would be written in 2022. Nobody should swoon after their best friend's girl!! That’s why we wanted to use barbie for the music video and make it super campy and tongue-in-cheek. The video is intended to be funny and over the top.

We love seeing artists stand up for what they believe in. Can you tell us about the impact you hope to have with the generous donations you are making?

Tate: I chose the Los Angeles LGBT Center as the charity for this song because they have helped me so much personally. When I moved to LA from the east coast, I was in search of a queer-friendly doctor, therapist, and psychiatrist. The LA LGBT Center helped me with all of those things. It was honestly incredible. I wanted to give back and thank them for their resources, and this felt like the best way. They are an amazing organization that every city should have!

We are so happy to have your attention, it is fantastic to see passionate people looking out for others that walk a similar path. What advice do you have for any of your fans or readers that might be walking the same road you have in the LGBTQIA+ community or those suffering from mental illness?

Tate: The best advice I can give to someone struggling is that you won’t be struggling forever. When I look back on the most difficult times of my life, I am so grateful that I kept pushing to become who I am now because I am genuinely happy. It takes a lot of resilience and bravery, but the hard part doesn’t last forever, and in the grand scheme of life, you will be happy and fulfilled much longer than you were ever sad and overwhelmed. Becoming who you are is WORTH IT.

What's next for you?

Tate: I am most excited to start playing live shows again! New music! Shows! Tours! The grind never stops!

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