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Taylor B-W Euphorically Weeps Her “Tears of Coal”

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the modern-day nostalgia queen, and pop/r&b recording artist Taylor B-W cries her "Tears Of Coal" in a new exhilarating single.

Taylor B-W takes cover under a broad pop umbrella, creating unapologetic, phat pop/r&b music with personal, relatable, and emotional lyrics. Inspired by the likes of Vera Blue, Kimbra, BANKS, and MJ, her affinity with 90s music and culture is palpable.

She brings these themes to life on stage, performing sold-out shows around Sydney, and in her new singles like the latest, "Tears of Coal." The song is a wildly emotional ride that merges stimulating electronic music with invigorating pop elements to crash our speakers with a cathartic listening experience. She delivers all the passion and soul we could ever ask for.

Expanding on the new hit, "Tears Of Coal," we jump into atmospheric and minimal instrumental while Taylor B-W's soothing vocals serenade us with her personal lyrics. She expresses those tumultuous moments in an unsteady relationship, keeping her guard up at all times while trying to fill a void that should have remained empty.

The song's hook takes off into the celestials with brilliant electronic synths that pump up the energy and vibrance effortlessly. The blend of organic and electronic instrumentation in this song is perfectly balanced; it packs so much emotion from every angle and helps us better understand Taylor B-W's musical approach. She ends this cathartic anthem on a relatable note of confusion, yearning to find an answer without weeping her "Tears Of Coal."

When you're in need of a heartfelt banger that commands every bit of your attention, check out Taylor B-W's new single, "Tears Of Coal," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Taylor B-W. We truly appreciate the honest and relatable theme of your latest single, "Tears Of Coal." What moments or experiences compelled you to create such a cathartic song like this?

Firstly, thank you for your lovely compliment! I wrote 'Tears Of Coal' randomly whilst noodling on the piano and daydreaming. I had been single for some time and was thinking about how I'd feel once I let someone into my life again. The anxiety and fear that came up as a result of thinking about this were overwhelming - I've been burned by so many partners in the past that I knew I'd have to be super cautious when entering a relationship again. At the same time, building up a wall could sabotage me, too, so sometimes it is better just to let yourself be carried away by love - it is all about the balance. So 'Tears Of Coal' was inspired by this idea: rising up from the ashes and being open to love again.

What was your vision for the production and instrumentals for "Tears Of Coal"? What vibe did you want the song to offer?

I had a very clear vision of how I wanted 'Tears Of Coal' to sound. I really wanted to try my hand at electronic folk, or folktronica, and r&b, which I fell in love with when listening to artists like Vera Blue and Jarryd James. So I recorded an acoustic, folky demo with vocals and guitar and sent it to my producer, Liam Quinn, along with a playlist of very specific references. Liam just got the brief instantly, and he and I knocked out the first full demo within one day! It is so easy to produce and arrange a song when you already have such a clear understanding of what you want.

What was the most rewarding part about creating such a therapeutic and honest song like "Tears Of Coal?"

I think what is most rewarding is that I know I'm not alone, and many people have related to this song. Love is scary, love is messy, and it can be really challenging. A theme that resonates universally, everyone has experienced it in some way or another. I love being able to put my own poetic spin on this well-known emotion. I am so lucky that I can harbor such feelings and pour them into my creativity - it is so cathartic for me too.

Did you want your listeners to pick up on any specific messages or realizations after hearing "Tears Of Coal"? What did you want them to experience?

What I am most proud of with 'Tears Of Coal' is how poetic it is - I often consider myself a poet first and songwriter second, and it is fun to combine the two. As I am a big fan of layers, particularly in pop music, I want my listeners to really listen to my lyrics rather than just focus on the polished pop surface. People don't always expect 'depth' in pop music, but if they really pay attention to the lyrics of my songs, they might take away a lot more than what meets the eye (or, in this case, the ear).

What's next for you?

This week I have just announced my debut EP, coming out on August 26th, called BTW TBW! This EP has been a long time coming and will feature 'Tears Of Coal' (as well as my other singles 'I'm So Broke' and 'In Ur Net') plus 3 more songs. I will also be embarking on a Regional NSW tour this October to celebrate the release of the EP. So big things are coming your way, and they aren't going to stop any time soon!


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