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Taylor Dahlia Releases "Defense"

Taylor Dahlia is a pop artist, cellist and songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Dahlia’s music is described as dark soul pop, with soulful melodies, unsettling lyrics and an electronic influence. She is self-described as the intersection between Bishop Briggs and Halsey. She is a formally trained musician, and her debut single, “Straightjacket”, was released in 2018. Shortly thereafter and due to the success of this single, Dahlia released a Remix EP. Her latest singles, “Defense” and “Love Pusher”, are prime examples of her talents as she continues to create music through 2019.

“Defense” is a song that begins with an electric guitar riff and a subdued beat. This simple background sets the stage for Taylor Dahlia’s voice, which is immediately captivating and soulful. The beat ramps up as backup vocals serve to build overall tension. The chorus is simple, sparse, tuneful and quite gratifying each time it comes back around. There seems to be a sense of self-certainty in the lyrics and overall vibe that this song emits, and Dahlia’s execution of the vocals themselves are sublime, from the reserved, to the confident, and everything in between. The song is broken up by a blistering electric guitar solo one might not expect to find in pop music such as this. We recommend that you give “Defense” a listen, and guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Listen to "Defense" here and get to know more about Taylor Dahlia below!


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