Taylor Lauren Exposes the Savory and Sour Truths of Relationships in Her New Single "Bad Boy"

Emerging artist Taylor Lauren has recently debuted her second single, following the release of her first single "Over It" in late January. Hailing from San Jose, CA, Taylor Lauren has been developing her sound for numerous years, first in her church choir, and later on in life involving collaborations with Trace Cyrus in a project titled, "Trace x Tay". Finally rising as a solo artist, Taylor Lauren uses her drive and motivation to curate new music for listeners. Taylor's recent single "Bad Boy" features melodic expressions where we're introduced to a variety of features regarding her artistic persona. "Bad Boy" ventures into the storyline of an undeserving man, and dives into one's realization of a toxic relationship, where manipulation and unfaithfulness from one partner can ultimately result in dissolution.

"Bad Boy" predominantly houses a strong Hip/Hop vibe, with various elements of the track stemming from a slight R&B background. Knowing Taylor's innate passion for the music scene, it's unequivocally clear that her inner drive has aided in the cultivation and growth of her own solo sound.

As you listen along in "Bad Boy", it's easy to catch the power behind some of the verses, where you can really sense the determination in Taylor Lauren's voice as she ventures along with the storyline of the track, and all of the complicated emotions that are intertwined. As a Hip/Hop artist, Taylor Lauren doesn't hold back on displaying her utmost intensity within the music industry. Her music proves it, and we're anticipating further releases to come, as well as the overall continued growth of her career as a singer, songwriter, and social icon.

Hey Taylor Lauren! Great to chat with you about your music here on BuzzMusic! Let's get right into your new release, "Bad Boy", and how the curation of the single went. Were there any creative challenges you encountered while writing and recording "Bad Boy", especially with it being the second single you created as a solo artist? No, I don’t usually have a hard time writing because I write from personal experience or when I’m right in the middle of an emotion. I had a lot of fun with this one because it has more of a pop vibe with some attitude. Unlike others, I’ve written in the past.

"Bad Boy" was definitely a track that was easy to follow along with, both production-wise and lyric-wise. Are you able to delve deeper into what stimulated you to write "Bad Boy", and how the choice of lyrics came about?

Yes, definitely. “Bad Boy” is about finding out you’re being cheated on but maybe you don’t have full proof you’ve just seen signs and you know so you kind of start digging to make sure. You don’t want the person to know you know because then it will be harder to find the evidence. And basically, once you do find that evidence you get you things and get your butt out of there. My whole purpose with my music is for women empowerment. I want to take horrible situations and rather than make them sad about crying and all that, I want it to be more of a realization and a chance to realize how amazing you are and how horrible the person hurting you is. The faster you realize that the easier it is to walk away and leave anyone bad for you in the past.

You've always been dedicated to the music world, which is shown in your history and involvement with music ever since your toddler days! Do you feel that the connection your mother had with music is what cultivated your adoration for music?

Definitely, my mom is probably the reason I sing. I have always looked up to her and I remember as a kid just watching her do her makeup, dress, sing, anything I was always in awe of her and wanted to be like her. As a little girl, I spent a lot of alone time with my mom because my parents divorced when I was about 4. So I remember driving with her and singing Dixie chicks, Brittney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Faith Hill, and Mariah Carey at the top of our lungs. She would always harmonize and I would try to copy her. She’s for sure a big impact on my love for music.

Where do you see yourself extending with your music now that "Bad Boy" has debuted? Do you feel that you'll continue in a similar direction with how your sound is now, or should listeners expect a varied sound with the next releases? I feel like as an artist I’m sort of diverse. Mostly because I never listened to one type of music. I actually used to rap a lot and mix singing in. So who knows what you’ll get from me. It depends on my mood so I would say expect a little bit of everything. From pop to RnB to hip hop maybe even a Little Rock. The only thing I stay away from us depressing vibes. I’m not into writing emo. I think the world needs to learn to get through things and smile more. I still appreciate the artist who does it because we all need to cry sometimes and sometimes those sad songs hit the right place. I personally just tend to not enjoy writing about it.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2020?

For the rest of 2020, I plan to continue dropping music. I have a song and music video called “I Need a Ride” coming out next month and already have multiple others ready to drop when I feel it’s the right time. Then I plan on starting to play some shows. I’m going to start at little venues and bars. Hopefully one day I can play festivals and maybe even sell out arenas but for now, I’m enjoying the ride.