Taylor Mas Moves Us With Her Emotional Debut Single, "Bad News"

The Ireland-based Pop Singer and Songwriter, Taylor Mas gets personal with the release of her tender debut single, "Bad News." 

Although she's new to the industry, Taylor Mas has experienced vast endeavors, completing a level 8 Degree in Songwriting at BIMM Dublin and performing at various events across Ireland. Noticing the female Irish music scene's gap, Mas has decided to fill the void and lead by example for more artistic Irish women to follow. 

Her debut single "Bad News" lets listeners into the life of Taylor Mas, as she gets exceptionally personal on this track. Naturally engaging listeners through the single's relatable theme, Mas wrote this piece at a troubled time in her life and created this track to be a token of hope for listeners encountering the same strife. 

"Bad News" begins with airy Pop drums floating in the background while downtempo and saddened piano melodies make their appearance. As Taylor Mas starts singing with incredible emotion and heart, we're instantly impressed with the artist's magnetic vocals that pull us deeper into the song's concept.

Listening over her lyricism, Taylor Mas explains a disheartening string of events where "Bad News" seems to be the new norm. Overtop of spacious and calming Pop instrumentation and production, Taylor Mas belts her broad vocal range for listeners to bask in while they find peace of mind within her relatable lyricism. 

Taylor Mas has fueled her debut single "Bad News" with a heavily emotional lyricism that naturally engages listeners to hear what she has to say. All while the song's dreamy and ethereal production/instrumentals allow Taylor Mas' vocals to shine bright in the spotlight and serve a relatable message.

We're very impressed with such a thorough, deep, and personal debut single like "Bad News." Why did you want this song to lead the way in your career? How can listeners get to know you through the single itself? 

I think the reason I wanted to lead with this song is that it’s so honest. I began songwriting as a teenager to express my emotions so I wanted to try and keep that authentic ‘from my diary’ feel as I grew into an artist. Everyone has a vulnerable side and I want listeners from the get-go to know that I’m not afraid to show it. As well as that, this year has been hard for everyone so I hope that people will relate to this song more than ever.

You've mentioned that "Bad News" was written at a low point in your life. What pushed you to write a song regarding the struggles you've seen? Did you know you wanted to release this song as your debut or was it more of a therapeutic moment for yourself?

I remember writing this song so well, I was sitting in my room crying and feeling like nothing was ever going to get better or be okay. I didn’t know what else to do but reach for my guitar and the first line of the song came out ‘I’m struggling, I can’t breath’. I just wrote exactly what was happening to me without thinking about it. I never had any intention of releasing any of these words, I wrote this song for myself but I ended up showing it to Tully Gun and John Doherty (Little Hours) who are two producer/songwriters I worked with and they loved it. They encouraged me to record it and I’m really happy I did.

Regarding the airy and spacious production/instrumentals within "Bad News," did you have any help when crafting the song's sonic production? How did you formulate the instrumentals to support your saddened lyrical message?

‘Bad News’ was originally written on the guitar like the majority of my songs, Tully and John helped craft the sonic production of this song. I had a really clear vision of how I wanted the production and instruments to sound, I definitely wanted my vocals and lyrics at the front of the song while everything else supported them and added to the emotion. Tully and John understood my vision completely and within a few hours, we were all sitting around the laptop with an almost finished track. It was a great environment to all be able to contribute our ideas and with Tully and John’s great product knowledge, it all came together really quickly.

Now that you've released your debut single "Bad News," being a dreamy and emotional Pop ballad, what should listeners expect from your forthcoming releases?

My next release is quite the opposite of ‘Bad News’ in terms of subject matter and dynamic. The next song is all about coming out of that dark place and feeling like yourself again. It’s uplifting and cheerful, I can’t wait for people to listen and dance to it. All of my songs are within the pop genre but I always like to keep the subject matter personal and honest to my life. Hopefully, people will view them as catchy tunes but with real meaning behind them.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020, and what can we expect to see next from you?

2020 has gifted us with time at home that we usually wouldn’t have, I have engrossed myself in everything creative that I normally wouldn’t have had a lot of time to do. I’ve been so inspired by books, paintings, music, and especially nature. I have discovered how very powerful the creative industry is, without it we would have a lot less to keep us entertained and happy. Next from me will be a music video for ‘Bad News’ that is coming out soon after the song is released, I’m really excited about it.