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Taylor Pace Brings Back Feel Good Music With “Well Runs Dry”

As a second-generation musician, Taylor Pace grabbed his footing in music when he was singing around the house with his family and through the church. As time progressed, Taylor Pace’s music has reflected a diverse range of inspirations that ranges from Michael Jackson to Coldplay, from John Legend to Prince. Taylor Pace has a fan base that has grown significantly over the past 6 months. Taylor is dropping a single day every 30 days.

Taylor Pace released his single titled “Well Runs Dry” and what had us completely in love with Taylor was his indescribable vocal tone. This smooth-sailing voice is something cherishable and unforgettable. You can hear this specific voice from a mile away and still feel sensational. Taylor’s R&B and soulful texture to his voice created an emphasis on the enjoyment of “Well Runs Dry”. this was just a classic “Feel-good” song where you’re so in tune with the music, your emotions tend to match. You’re relaxed, happy, and just simply enjoying the riveting sounds and motions of the music. “Well Runs Dry” represents an new era of R&B that’s bringing back timeless hits and ageless memories. Taylor Pace is the vocalist of this new aged generation of singers who are showing off naturally skilled vocals instead of computerized fabrication. “Well Runs Dry” was a nicely done and executed hit song from a flawless vocalist like Taylor Pace.

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