Taylor Pace Brings Back Old-School R&B With Track "Infatuation"

Taylor Pace is an up-and-coming R&B/soul artist that's making pretty big waves with his music. Taylor's fan-base has been growing exponentially, as he's releasing new tracks with a vibe that makes you feel like unwinding, and melting into the dynamic vocal production. Taylor expels an authentic and honest expression within his music, and maintains an intriguing tone throughout his tracks, which definitely kept us fixated on the music! Taylor Pace's music is definitely a blend of contemporary R&B and old-school soul, curating tracks that end up possessing the best elements of each genre. Taylor's voice will melt into your ears, and his latest track "Infatuation" will be no different! 

We're loving the extreme soulful vibe to Taylor Pace's "Infatuation". Taylor sings with absolute passion and emotion--it pours off of him so effortlessly as the track continues on! Taylor's tone reminds us heavily of early 2000's R&B/soul, including that type of ambiance the artists in that day and age were able to create with their slow and dramatic production. The music video to "Infatuation" is definitely worth giving a watch--Taylor Pace complements the meaning of the track well with the pace of the video.

Taylor Pace, and the type of melody he's able to create with the production, combined with his flowing vocalism, reminds us heavily of early 2000's Usher, and we honestly can't get enough of this familiar sound. Taylor Pace is undoubtedly bringing the BuzzMusic community a retro-like vibe with his track "Infatuation", and we highly recommend this track, and all of TaylorPace's music to the R&B/soul-loving listeners!

Give a listen to "Infatuation" here!

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