Taylor Pace Send An Eye Opening Message In “My Flowers” Ft. TG 318

Taylor Pace is a singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and performer and due to his exceptional skill set, he has become one of the industry’s most explosive rising stars! A second-generation musician, Taylor Pace got his start in music through the church and singing around the house with his family. As time progressed, Taylor's music reflects diverse musical influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Coldplay from John Legend to Prince. Proof through over 65K streams on Spotify, Taylor offers his fans what they have always wanted--a genuine musician that tells the stories on the hearts & minds of everyone. 

Running deep with R&B flavor, “My Flowers” boasts the important topic of appreciating the people we have in our lives, while they are still here. The hook sings “Give my flowers right now, don’t wait to show me love when your face is full of tears”, this perfectly captures the message that Taylor Pace is trying to convey. He was deeply concerned with the way Nipsey Hussle’s music blew up after his passing and strives to spread the message that we shouldn’t take people for granted. Everyone in all walks of life can relate to this song on a personal level. For the first time, TG 318 is featured on Taylor Pace’s song and we’re loving it.  He’s a Louisiana native with amazing skills. Taylor knew he’d be perfect for the song since the first time he heard him rap on a cypher. Taylor proves his talents to be authentic to the core through his expert lyricism, powerhouse vocals and lively delivery of every word. “My Flowers” is produced to perfection with just enough pop/R&B, funk and soul to keeping us grooving along. We can't wait to see what’s in store for Taylor Pace! Stay on the lookout!

Check out “My Flowers” Ft. TG 318 here.


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