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Taymarion Released His Single Titled “Pillow”

Born and raised in Mount Olive, NC in 1992, Taymarion began singing at the age of 7 years old in a church. When he turned 13, Taymarion met his longtime friend Tamesha Williams and together they formed a duo called “Unity”. They would both write songs and after a while, Taymarion began to become a self-taught producer. At the age of 18 years old, Taymarion took a mini break from music to try his hand at multiple different career paths and trades including cosmetology and the army. After his military service in 2014, he met his manager who was also a family friend. His manager whose name is Elawate, encouraged Taymarion to continue singing, writing, and performing. Once 2015 hit, in the midst of Taymarion working on what would eventually become his first EP, things took a drastic turn once he became diagnosed with vocal cord paresis, causing him to attain difficulty in breathing while singing. Ready to give up, Elawate remained positive and continued to encourage Tay throughout the process of vocal training and doctors visits to salvage his voice. Through years of intense training and finding his confidence back to return to the music scene, Taymarion is ready to make a household name for himself.

Taymarion released his single titled “Pillow” and we were in LOVE with the entire single. Taymarion’s vocals were highly impressive and shows no signs of past error. One of my favorite moments in “Pillow” was when Taymarion took his voice into a high pitched falsetto, hitting an urban definition of a “Pillow note”. Everything about “Pillow” was transporting , as it took me into a more classic dimension of Rnb music where the vibes were ageless and unforgettably timeless. Even while watching the music video, I was still able to acquire that “feel-good” vibe that was so popular in the beginning days of rnb music. Taymarion is a classic. An iconic vocalist who doesn’t need the computerized studio effects to still deliver tonal quality music. “Pillow” effortlessly blends together ancient and futuristic rnb elements with a loaded amount of soul and passion in the projection. The sensual vibe of the music curates the perfect mood for you and a loved one. However, “Pillow” is a tasteful lovebop that weaves between different generations of rnb. Pillow has an infectious melody and a caressive sensuality to the tone.

Listen to Pillow here and get to know more about Taymarion below!

Hello Taymarion! How has your background in gospel music benefited your skills in singing today?

I feel like the emotion I put into what I sing comes from that background. In my opinion this new generation focuses more how how trendy the beat sounds and I tend to focus more on the message behind the lyrics.

You have a highly timeless sound and style to your artistry! Do you have any classic music influences?

Prince, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, and Mahalia Jackson are definitely some of my major influences.

We love your new song Pillow! Can you tell us about the meaning behind it?

Pillow is about missing someone who holds a special place in your heart. Literally holding a pillow because you can hold them because of whatever reason weather that’s a breakup, death, prison, or as the video depicts deployment.

What inspired you to write “Pillow”?

Someone very close to me passed away last year. “Lay your head on my pillow” by Tony! Toni! Toné! Was our favorite song. So when I came across the beat produced by Young Tarzan and noticed the sample from that song it in, my emotions took over and I just wrote how I felt.

What can we expect next for you?

I’ve been writing a lot lately and producing. So you can definitely expect to hear my name around as a songwriter and producer. I also have a couple of collaborations on other indie artists songs dropping this summer.


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