Tedd Hazard Wrote One Too Many Quarantine Songs, Yet We're Obsessed

Barebones Folk Artist Tedd Hazard is making his mark coming out of Northeast Pennsylvania. 

With a diversity of influences that include Punk, Blues to Jazz styles, Hazard, takes genre-blending to a whole new level. His honest lyricism and enraged vocal delivery make his music distinguishably his own.

In his latest release "...And the Flowers Are Still Standing," Hazard showcases a side of enraging and practicality in his lyrics and blends it with an uptempo folk-rock acoustic musicality that captivates listeners.

Hazard passionate acoustic guitar melodies is the icing on the cake in keeping listeners captivated for the entire track. The relatability of this song gives listeners the opportunity to accept their inner anger while still grooving to the lively instrumentation.

Hazard continues to view 2020 as an opportunity for self-growth and really be able to get to know himself. This time for reflection has given him more confidence as a singer/songwriter, and he is looking forward to keeping this creative momentum rolling.

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