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TeeTos Brings A Heavy Hitter In This New Track “The Most”

Teetos is a gifted artist that is not only a rapper but a producer as well. Using his prolific lyrics and gifts to spread love, bring awareness, ruffle some feathers and just having some fun! With his unique ear, his goal is to create the most of the music he uses. Teetos gives you a piece of him through his music. Giving you a feel for who he is, what he thinks, feels and believes. If you are into for something different to bob to, Teetos is the artist you want to tune into if you want to get more out of the music.

Teetos gives us some unique flare with his new single “The Most”. Some rappers forget they can use their lyrics to really send messages and this track is filled with messages. Giving us messages on top of a well produced instrumental. There are so many layers of sounds to unfold in this track. There’s some bass, piano, vocals, keyboard, drums, I mean it goes on and on. It’s hard to use so many different sounds and it still sonically good but this one was done well. Teetos gives us a hip hop lyrical message that gives us listeners something different and fresh.

Listen to "The Most" here.

Hey. Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Whats up!, My Name is Tyrell Hoff, I go by TeeTos!

What’s the download behind your name?

TeeTos, its what my mom calls me, from a baby, I'm her TeeTos.

Where are you from?

Culturally I am from Liberia West Africa, I was born and raised in the M of the DMV, I currently live in Lancaster PA.

What is the message in the track “The Most”?

The core message is really to encourage the people listening, to find and use their inner power to get what they want out of life despite what is going on around you or challenges you face. Always have the drive to get the most out of life.

Who are some of your musical influences?

My mother, who is an awsome DJ and African drummer, she taught and still teaches me a lot about good sound, and shes help me find my sound.

Outkast also a major influence to me.

Black Thought is one of my favorite lyricists, 

I'm a Huge reggae fan!

What are some of you goals in music this year?

I just want to get my music out there. Early on I made most of my music and kept it to myself but sharing it with others and having people connect to my music is a big goal this year for me. 


Connect with Teetos on social media:

Twitter: @MrTeeTos


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