Teniele G. Digs Deep Into "Survivin" with New Music

Teniele G. has always had herself deeply rooted within the music scene. Growing up with a strong desire to create music, she decided to begin her singing/songwriting career at the young age of 9, where she frequently conjured up various singles, and finally recording them at the age of 14.

With a head start into the industry, Teniele G. has had the chance to share the stage with many well-known artists, such as Joe Budden, and has flourished in keeping her RnB/Hip-Hop sound contemporary, yet full of her own personality.

Teniele G. has released her more low-key track, "Survivin," and it begins with a smooth and velvety production, which quickly dissipates and morphs into more of that classic Hip/Hop production one can expect.

Teniele G. goes deep with "Survivin" and delves into dark emotions one undergoes when experiencing relationship turmoil. Teniele G is very straightforward with the way she goes about expressing her mindset, and as listeners, we find it almost impossible not to sympathize with her and her message. "Survivin" is a track that ultimately outlines the harsh realities of life, and she does an incredible job of relaying the emotionality of it regarding her vocal performance. All in all, the message of the track felt prominent, and with a more laidback production, "Survivin" was able to thrive in many more ways than just one.

What kind of emotions were you hoping for your listeners to pick up on and or feel once listening to "Survivin"?

Originally I wasn’t thinking about the emotions of the listeners. I just needed to let out the thoughts racing through my mind. After recording, I then knew that if I released the song it would touch anyone that was going through hardships in their lives.  Let's talk about the various messages and emotions attached to "Survivin". What exactly did this song mean for you, and how did it feel to become so vulnerable to your listeners?

Writing and recording “Survivin” became somewhat of an anthem to me. I actually wrote this song last year, and it was a very trying year. The chorus was a reminder that yes, I know I’m getting beat up by life, but I’m still finding a way to get up every day and make progress.  As an artist, I think I’m used to being vulnerable to my listeners. I’m not a big talker, so I express myself with my music. I do choose my words carefully; sometimes I describe things either indirectly or directly. I can always tell how well someone has listened to one of my songs by the questions they ask or the statements they make.  How do you feel the music scene in Northern Virginia aids in advancing your career? Do you feel that you're inspired by the music scene currently in place there?

I honestly don’t think that the music industry in Northern VA aids in advancing my career and I’m ok with that. The world is not made up of just Northern VA, so I’m not confined in thinking that it will make or break my career. I get so much love from people all over the world and I’ll take that over one state. In due time, that may change. 

I’m inspired by some aspects of the music scene right now. Lately, some artists in the area are collaborating more and I feel that will push others in a positive direction.  Where is your music career headed next within the future year? Do you plan on broadcasting any performances?

Going forward with my career my supporters and listeners will notice my work on a larger playing field. I haven’t made any announcements yet, but within the last few months, I’ve been preparing for a major shift. I haven’t broadcasted any shows during this COVID time period. I have done a few live virtual interviews and I’ve been dropping freestyles on Fridays on my social media platforms. I wouldn’t mind doing at least one live virtual show for my listeners.  2020 has been a challenging year so far. What have you been doing to keep creative and inspired? 

To stay creative and inspired I’ve just been moving at my own pace and set my own goals and deadlines. These goals included making sure I sent my lyrics off for Copyright in preparation for releasing my upcoming album, “Known to Love R&B”. Touching again on Freestyle Fridays, I was encouraged by some of my peers to drop a freestyle, and then I decided to make it a weekly thing. I’ve also done some features with other artists. Lastly, I’ve just been enjoying listening to the new records my younger brother Big Mars does daily in our home studio. Having a home studio has definitely been a major plus during COVID-19.