Teniele G. Is a Hip-Hop Queen With Authentic Lyrics

Some people are just born to be musicians, and Teniele G. is one of those people. Having discovered her passion for music at a young age, she began to create original songs at the young age of just nine old. At age fourteen, Teniele G. began to record her own singles.

With such a vast amount of musical experience behind her back early in life, Teniele G. had the opportunity to share the stage with many artists, including Joe Budden, before she released her own music. Teniele G. likes to draw inspiration from R&B and Hip-Hop genres, while still keeping her music modern and original. Her lyrics tell a story as she evokes her own emotions through trying times in her life. Teniele G. brings attention to the dark aspects of life, working to make certain topics less taboo in our society. Teniele G. is explicitly honest, allowing the listener to seek comfort in their own lives through her raw experiences, knowing they are not alone.