Tenille Ja'Nae's Story Behind her Story Telling

Tenille Ja'Nae was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas has been creating riveting, thought-inspiring music for the last three years based in Brooklyn, New York. As we heard on her latest release, "In My Feelings," Tenille centers crafting her lyrics around touchstone material that inspires and resonates with the listener.

Taking a positive approach in her songwriting, Tenille aims to empower and strengthen the listener's spirit, and her smooth, sultry voice is the perfect medium to drive these messages home. These expertly crafted motivation lyrics are ever-present on her latest release "In My Feelings," where we hear Tenille sing, "I need more confidence can't rely off your compliments, I don't need you." Tenille's sound offers a fresh, calming effect that is bathed in soulful whisps of RnB flavor. Her vivid storytelling embedded within her lyrics paints a colorful masterpiece as her harmonic notes of sound fill her lyrical canvas. Learn more about Tenille Ja'Nae story and listen to "In My Feelings" today.

Discover "In My Feelings" here

Hey there, Tenille! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we're excited to have you here! You moved from Little Rock Arkansas almost 1100 miles east to New York. Was this a move for your musical career? Were there other states you were eyeballing before deciding on The Empire State?

I moved to NYC for acting, actually. I got a scholarship to school for film and TV. 

Before knowing that I would be making this move, I thought heavily about moving to LA, which is still in my plan. I would like to be Bi-Costal living in NYC and LA, because I love both places tremendously, and I can accomplish what I've set out to accomplish in either state. 

If you were to describe your experience of writing and recording this song in a few emotions, which would you pick and why?

I would use the word transparency and emotions of frustration. I'm always pushing to be vulnerable understanding that I'm not the only person experiencing these emotions, thoughts, and feelings. As an artist, I understand one of my jobs is to put it all on the line and create a unanimous voice, and emotions that can be translated through words, and sounds. 


You mention the likes of Whitney Houston and Erykah Badu as singers who inspire you. Is there a specific aspect of these artists' careers that you strive for in your own career? 

1st Off there will  NEVER be another Whitney Houston!!! lol So to be compared in the slightest, is a joyous feeling. I do, however, hope to adopt her grace and presence on the stage, and help bring any song to life that can create an array of emotions when hearing me sing.  Eryka Badu! I want to understand life, people, and spirituality as well as she does. I think she really gets it when it comes to expressing oneself and conversing truth, knowledge, love, self-love, and not being afraid to express herself through her art! 

The bearing you have surrounding your vocals is incredible. Are there any routines or rituals you've been able to credit to your vocal conviction and skill? 

Thank you! and Yes, I do vocal warmups almost daily. or at least 4-5 times a week. My vocal cords are like my body in a sense of working out. The more you workout the more stamina, and strength you have. Same as with the vocals. I like to keep my voice strong. I also, try to keep the drinking light and not smoke. Though I indulge occasionally. 

Thanks for being here with us, Tenille. What is next for you? Do you have anything planned for release this year? 

I'm definitely releasing new music this year and maybe on tour this fall if Covid-19 subsides. 

Thank you again for having me!