Terms & Condition And Tyler Allred Team Up To Drop “Meltdown”

Jacob, professionally known as Terms & Conditions, is a Los Angeles-based artist that combines his ability to play clarinet and trumpet to create refreshingly contemporary soundscapes with catchy melodic soundscapes. He teams up with Tyler Allred, a singer/songwriter also based in Los Angeles that adds his indie/folk-rock sound to their latest release “Meltdown”.

“Meltdown” consists of organic, ambient harmonies and melodies weaved together by a modernistic, electronic attitude that reflects an honest and minimalist sound that is approachable while also keeping integrity and authenticity intact. “Meltdown” begins with the ambient, cinematic and multi-layered tones. It leads with a dreamlike delicacy, calming rhythms, and smooth, characterful leading vocals that add a definite touch of recognizability to their work. Lyrically there’s plenty to consider here. The lyrics have a certain profound level of awareness and depth, offering honesty and vulnerability, and this is easy to connect with and feel understood by. “Meltdown” holds on to a more melancholic, dreamy vibe. The vocal stands back a little, the instrumental details rain down around you, and lyrical fragments of love and reflection weave in and out of the mix. It’s a fantastic addition to Terms & Conditions and Tyler Allred’s repertoire. 

Listen to “Meltdown” here and read more with the duo below!

Tyler Allred answers:

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your sound. Can you tell us more about how this collaboration came together?

My friend and awesome producer Terms & Conditions called me one day saying asking if I was interested, I listened and was. I thought it could be a fun experience stepping out of my usual singer/songwriter acoustic vibe and experience writing and singing on this. 

Your song “Meltdown” is amazing! We love the lyrics and the melody. What inspired this song? 

For me lyrically 90% of it was just the first thing I heard in my head and sang when I heard the music. 

What are each of your favorite parts to the song, lyrically or sonically?

I think I have to agree with Jacob about the opening verse and the hook. I also really like the last hook where it’s different and he kind of chops up the lyrics with the beat.

Can we expect for collaborations in the future?


What are you both working on through the end of 2019?

I personally am working on my new e.p. “Higher Level of Care” and have another single coming soon I co wrote with artist Jole’ recently called “Get Well Soon”

Terms & Conditions answers:

How this collaboration came together?

I made an instrumental demo then I thought tyler would be an awesome fit for this track.

What inspired this song?

I was having a very rough time, mentally and physically. Heard a news about my dad not being well, and I wanted to express my sadness through piano chords.

What are each of your favorite parts to the song, lyrically or sonically?

Intro piano and hook are definitely my favorite part. Honestly I don’t even know how I came up with those chords, I was just messing up with midi on my Ableton (Digital Audio Workstation)

Can we expect for collabs in the future?


What are you both working on through the end of 2019?

I’ve been writing lots of pop stuff on my other projects but I do have some release plans under “Terms & Conditions”, I have been releasing lots of 100 BPM stuff under this name and I want to stick with what I’m doing, I have many releases coming out this year with very talented collaborators jumping genres and other cool stuff. I want to make what I enjoy listening to.

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