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Terrance Tykeem Sheds Light On Critical Social Issues In “Don’t Give Up,” Featuring Angie Stone

Making a name for himself by spreading positive messages about change, Terrance Tykeem puts passion behind all his creations, especially with his latest single.

The conscious rapper, author, and filmmaker Terrance Tykeem speaks on an upcoming "Abused" film, spreading awareness and inspiring change. The thought-provoking film touches on the sensitive topic of abuse that plagues our society to this day. Beautifully scoring this topic, Terrance releases "Don't Give Up" - a new single featuring Angie Stone, a track that empowers the tired and voiceless minds of victims.

"It ain't always gonna be easy; you gotta know you can make it; you just got to be strong.."

The multi-faceted storytelling genius Terrance Tykeem expresses his compassion for others going through a harsh reality. Words of encouragement and sincerity for those in need, investing in the power of music and its communication, help uplift one another even when we're miles apart. Understanding this, Terrance preaches change in our communities and how it can effectively start to mold our worlds with a bit of hope.

"Don't give up, just keep fighting..." - Terrance and the immaculate voice of Angie Stone breathe passion into the lungs of the weak-hearted with a passionate and inspiring record for them to hold onto during tough times. You cannot help but applaud the bravery and heartwarming intentions of Terrance Tykeem, who aims to change the world one song, film, and step at a time.

Support the need for change by sharing this message and spreading awareness with Terrance Tykeem in his latest release, "Don't Give Up."

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