TerraTara is Left "Waiting in the Rain," with New Single and Video

Italian/Irish singer/songwriter TerraTara is back with sweeter and softer sounding melodies that form a raw-sounding experience for listeners. The artist's latest release, "Waiting for the Rain", was authentically crafted, and it feels like you're listening to an unplugged song track, as the focus of the sound is on TerraTara herself.

TerraTara intentionally created such an intimate listening experience, and the music video that accompanies the song adds an even more compelling element.

The instrumentals in "Waiting for the Rain" are subtle, as the vocals of TerraTara truly take the spotlight. Nevertheless, the instrumentals are potent enough to create a persistent and harmonious hum. The voice of TerraTara collectively produces the ultimate affection and rhythm of "Waiting for the Rain" and she proves her ability to produce emotionally enduring soundscapes filled with many underlying narratives.

TerraTara's "Waiting for the Rain" music video is extremely complementary to its lyricism. TerraTara produces this beautiful viewing experience, where breathtaking views of nature are exposed to listeners, perfectly pairing with the already-set earthy tone of the song's lyricism. The visuals go back and forth between an elaborate nature-filled experience and close-up moments of TerraTara.

The emotion and intent set on their faces are what create a captivating product, unleashing their true artistic boundaries (importantly, lack thereof). We highly recommended the listening of "Waiting for the Rain" and the viewing of its video; it's a true experience that TerraTara took the time to craft for their listeners, and it shows just what the duo is capable of. TerraTara, we're keeping our eyes and listening ears on you two.

The music video for "Waiting for the Rain" was incredibly stimulating in various ways. The visuals truly provided a subversive experience. What were your ultimate intentions behind the song and its video?

“Waiting for the Rain” is about the forest fires burning out of control in the Western U.S. and Canada. It’s a distress call for the fires and smoke to end. It echoes with dissonant harmonies of the uncomfortable and despairing situation that seems to have no end. We are all praying for the Rain, but despite our efforts, each day goes on and we are still, Waiting for the Rain. The smoke from the fires continues to get worse, while the fires grow every day…..

It’s a longing, a cry for the Rain, begging it, asking it to come, thereby, invoking the rain. In the end, the harmony becomes hopeful, and soon the rain will bless us….

The video, by Hearitsan Films, was shot in Southern Oregon where the forest fires are very extreme. Smoke fills the valleys up and down the west coast and interior, for most of the summer. I wanted to film in Southern Oregon because it’s very dry there. I wanted the video to have a drier/harsher effect and show people visually, the extremity of the forest fires. The smoke used to be now and then, but now it’s every year and expected, as well as mitigated, with controlled burns and firefighters on constant demand. Shots of forest fires, smokey valleys, and burnt forests fill the screen, showing the viewer the severity of the situation. These are desperate times. My heart felt it was prudent to produce this song.

What were your immediate emotions upon watching your music video for "Waiting for the Rain"? Did the end product align with your initial visions for the song?

The vision around the sage and pine pitch came together quite eloquently.

The video starts off with me burning sage in an abalone shell. This represents the smudging and clearing from any malefic energy from the fires and the smoke that fills the air.

I offer my prayer and sage around an empty fire pit using the feather backward, in hopes to move the smoke back. In another shot, my hands are in a prayer form with an almost finished hand-rolled cigarette, symbolizing the “end of the smoke” after my prayer. These shots aligned perfectly with my intention.

I love the pine pitch burning shots, it was epic to watch live and I felt the smoke got captured well. Again, the smoke from the pitch is purifying and cleansing the smoke from the wildfire. There is a double meaning as well because I’m burning the pitch from pine trees that are also getting burned in the fires. So, it’s an offering and a cleansing and a prayer for rain.

How was your experience during the crafting of this music video? Did you experience any obstacles amidst the production?

It was a lot more challenging for me on a performance level than the last one I did, which was just one shot. This one was 3 different shots on 3 different locations, so a lot of shifting. It wasn’t always easy to change gears or clothes. One costume change wasn’t perfect and I learned I need someone to do my hair and make-up on site for those reasons. But it was a really good experience for me overall and I went to another level.

All in all, "Waiting for the Rain" and its music video were elaborate and exquisite. What an enjoyable listening experience that was! Any parting words for readers and viewers?

I sing into the camera my cry for the Rain Maker, to please help us. I sing and dance for the rain to come. By repeating “Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain” over and over, I am invoking the rain to come. In the end, my dance and harmonies become hopeful, and soon the rain will bless us.

What's next for you?

I’m going back into the recording studio this fall, for the next song.