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Terry Harris Is Back At It With His Thought-Provoking Album, 'Kaleidoscope'

Terry L Harris has a knack for portraying heartfelt offerings that are intimately consumed by his audience.

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, where his journey as a producer and recording artist first launched, we always seem to be captivated by the thoughtful soundscapes put up by Terry Harris, and it comes as no surprise why. Always delivering a piece of his heart, soul, and a protruding sense of passion, the essence of his artistry is something we admire getting acquainted with each release.

His latest album 'Kaleidoscope' comes to us as a 12-track masterpiece that Terry Harris encourages his audience to use their thoughts as the words to accompany these instrumental soundscapes. We see an emotion for every song through this particular series of tracks and the ultimate rush of feeling executed by it.

Commencing the album with the groove-fueled hit "Talkin in Ur Sleep," we're greeted by the luscious bass riffs and a sense of 80s inspired nostalgia. This take on The Romantics' classic piece comes to us with chugging guitar riffs in an electric realm of excellence. It's always a pleasure taking in a Terry Harris rendition by amplifying each creative element as they all layer together to bring us an impeccable blend of upbeat vigor. Prominently leading us into the remainder of the album, we couldn't think of a better way to send us on our way to experience 'Kaleidoscope.'

As we immediately delve into the second song, which comes perfectly in succession, "Second Chances" has us digging into the genuine quintessence of our very being. This striking blend of mechanical sounds paired with acoustic riffs has us fixated on both the traditional elements of songwriting as well as the adaptation it has taken on through the year. As we hear the passion poured into this piece, it's hard not to be hypnotized by the mesmerizing sounds trickling through your speakers.

It wouldn't be a Terry Harris album if we didn't experience the vibrant core of funk throughout it. "Its Funky One" and compels us to get up and dance as the intensity of this sonic voyage reside in the realm of authentic funk. However, what we admire the most about this piece is that Terry Harris takes on the old-school tenors of the genre as he fuses a modern yet futuristic layer that adds texture to this piece in the best way possible. Coming at you from all dimensions, the energy served up is unforgettable.

"I Remember (How It Was)" transports us to a jurisdiction of heartrending spirit that encompasses an electric flair. Terry Harris is a master at weaving in an undeniable sense of edge into his pieces, no matter how dynamic. Much like what we hear in "You N Me (Passing Time)," the basis remains similar, although the records each have their own journey that you soar through.

As we reach the album's halfway point, we also get introduced to the title track, "Kaleidoscope." Taking the tempo down and allowing us to feel each note shed in this thriving universe of soothing grooves, there's buoyant energy to this masterpiece. Although easing us into the soothing hues of perspectives, and the various musical elements that form this framework, we adore how Terry Harris has the power to cast our robust themes that caress our souls.

Anticipation runs at an all-time high as Terry Harris is known for switching gears on the flip of a dime. That's why it's only fitting to us that he pulls us into a hard-hitting concoction of ambient synths and ominous tones in "Dirty Water." Although, this is the first record on 'Kaleidoscope' to contain smoldering vocals that set this piece apart from the rest. The mysterious connotations that are emitted in this piece have us loving this side to Terry Harris.

Taking us into the ultimate form of classic rock hues reinvented in the form of Terry Harris' wit and talent, the following three records, "Save Me," "Equalibrium," and "No Pressure" shred with more hardcore energy than any of the tracks offered this far on 'Kaleidoscope.' There's a brilliant sense of tempo that's locked into the vibrancy showcased. We just can't deny the power that's transported through our speakers with records like such.

As we go back into the soul-infused desire that runs rampant in Terry Harris' collection of songs, "Satisfied" has us feeling just as the song title suggests. With guitar riffs layering to offer an expression of foreground and background depth, we pay attention to each texture that's apparent in this piece. Taking us into the magnetic force field of raw passion, we're obsessed with how the vibes each song conveys touch on a unique sound that Terry Harris masters.

Coming to the final piece on 'Kaleidoscope,' the profound nature of "Koffee N Kuba Kuba" has us lost in the music and the entirety of what we just got to experience. Nodding our head to sizzling reverberations owned by the ambitious guitar solo, there's a zesty amount of energy that plays into the final piece of this album. Carrying a significant amount of heart as we get to feast upon the last offering of Terry Harris, "Koffee N Kuba Kuba" is the electric poise that we needed.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Terry Harris! It's always a pleasure being able to discuss your recent releases with you. What is the central concept that you took into the making of 'Kaleidoscope?'

Thank you for having me again, it's always a pleasure speaking with you guys! My main focus with kaleidoscope was to just go make music that sounded like the music I fell in love with growing up!

How do the 12-songs heard on this album represent where you are as an artist and individual at this moment in your career?

As an artist and individual at this point, I am proud to have a collection of music where I played all the instruments, wrote all the music, and with each track the listener can hear and feel the music.

Although you usually allow the listener to grasp their interpretation of each song, are there any messages or reflections you'd like them to ponder when taking this album to its full extent?

Just sit back and with each track, take the title and apply it to As if feelings had sound, this is what it would sound like. So the listener can still grasp their own interpretation, I believe each song has a little more meat to grab this time around.

Could you please share any memorable moments from the creative process that make the release of 'Kaleidoscope' that much more rewarding?

I started out in a writing Frenzy and came up with around 50 tracks Then got it down to 20 and finally down to 12. Just being inspired by any and every person place and thing I came across. I mean, personally, professionally, strangers conversations.. everything was fertile ground for me!

Out of the 12 songs offered up, do you happen to have a specific track that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

I actually have two tracks that resonate and shine thru! I always pay homage to the 80s as this is my favorite decade of music. Talkin in Ur Sleep was my third choice of songs I had planned to cover, lol! But when I finished it and let a stranger hear it, getting their reaction it actually inspired me all over again! I didn't tell them it was me so it was cool watching that take place. The second one is I remember (How it Was) I actually was driving and wrote the complete song in my head (the hook) and all the music in between three stoplights. I had seen a woman w her child and watched them interact w pure, unconditional Love. In a crowd of people that for some reason just jumped out at me..."I remember how it was like it used to be. Playing records just because that was you and me. You'd put your favorite record on and you would sing to me. I remember how it was when you would say you Love me" These words came to me as someone who wishes They still had Or they could have that kind of love..mother and son, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife..etc there are people who wish they had that very thing I witnessed between that mother and son!


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