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Terry Harris Spreads a Little Christmas Cheer With, "Silent Nite"

Terry Harris is a lover of all things music. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, this recording artist and producer began his musical journey after begging his mom for a guitar from a junkman on his street. Delving into a universe where Terry Harris offers his listeners a moment to reflect on his heartfelt creations, he wants music to flow fluently in the realm he creates with his creativity. With a wide range of influences, we can hear Terry Harris executing his talents in his latest instrumental rendition of "Silent Nite" off of his EP, 'Love and the Holidays.'

Just in time for the holidays, Terry Harris swoops in with the delicate and warm embrace of his ambient melodies. The striking elements that you can hear by him have us creating a blissful soundscape of favored nostalgia that trickles into our thoughts with grace. Creating music that is felt to the depths of your being, the brilliant hunger that drives a gentle force into the playing of euphonious electric guitar chords throughout the song has us envisioning the finer moments of the holidays that we cherish deeply.

"Silent Nite" carries forth an immaculate execution with the light and airy setting that shifts your mood in an instant. Dazzling us in the mesmerizing grasp of his talents, Terry Harris knocks it out of the park once again with a three-track Christmas EP that contains enough joy to last seasons to come. With each record on, "Love and the Holidays," carrying the great quintessence that Terry Harris places into his intricately crafted lyrics, there is a little something for everyone as you get cozied up for the holidays and transport yourself to your own progressive utopia of ecstasy. The night definitely won't be silent with Terry Harris' musical creations playing through the house this Christmas.

Hello Terry, welcome back to BuzzMusic, it’s always a pleasure chatting with you. What a beautiful composition of three tracks that you have released for the holidays. “Silent Nite,” carries such gentle components that allow a pleasing listening experience. How is the creative process different from crafting a record geared towards the holidays versus your previous releases?

Thank you once again for the opportunity, as always I really appreciate it. With this musical venture as I sifted thru alot of Christmas songs Silent Nite and Have Yourself, A Merry Little Christmas kept jumping out as my favorites. I knew it was pretty straight forward to produce, play, and record, I just wanted to add my little twist to them.

Do the holidays hold a special meaning to you? What is your reasoning for carrying out a Christmas project in, 'Love and the Holidays,' EP?

When I was little I had a cousin that would have annual Christmas programs at our church. We would have a little play and sing songs, lots of great memories! I just wanted to again put my twist on these three classics.

Is there a particular track on this EP that is a personal favorite of yours? If so, what’s the reasoning behind it?

I love all three tracks but Silent Nite really sticks out as my favorite track. There's just something about this song and being home decorating the tree at nite with this playing softly in the background that I remember growing up.

What words of wisdom would you like to send out to your listeners to end off 2020?

Man, that's a great question! Let's, love, laugh with reckless abandon every day like it's your last day. Then go smile at a stranger, it just may be the light they need to save their day. Oh, and listen to great music from indy artists, it certainly helps! Happy Holidays everyone!

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