Tesstamona Is Unapologetic With New Single “Psycho”

We're immediately moving our bodies with any track Tesstamona comes out with. As an artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Tesstamona shines a light on her artistic abilities with recent sounds she's been releasing! Tesstamona took her emotional experiences throughout her life and shoved them right into her musical offerings. You can feel the love for music within the music of Tesstamona, and we can't deny that her music is incredibly catchy! Tesstamona wants to make huge waves within the music world, ultimately by shedding light on important topics throughout the lyricism in her musical curations. We love her recent release of "Psycho", and we're on our toes awaiting what she'll release next!

“Psycho” produced by Johnny Juliano, is a hard-hitting hip-hop, trap-infused single that we’re bumping on repeat. It’s an empowering and unapologetic anthem that’s relatable and gives a big f-you to every “Psycho” man in Tesstamona’s life that’s given her trouble. Tesstamona recites every verse and chorus with meaningful intent and power. The raw energy and soul comes through the speakers, Tesstamona’s emotive lyrics make her passion come alive. “Psycho” really hits home and demands to be heard. Tesstamona has the voice to make a difference through her powerful ballad hook and hard-hitting verses. I recommend you check out this track and stay on the lookout for Tesstamona and her rise to the top. Let’s see more of this hip-hop on the charts.

Check out “Psycho” here and scroll down for our exclusive interview with Tesstamona!

Hey Tesstamona! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic. Any words you'd like to share with our readers about the way you articulate your music?!

As raw and real as possible. Psycho is a backlash song to a relationship with an abusive person, but I delivered it in a way that people could vibe to as opposed to being brought down. I consider the impact of the listeners very much. Many of my songs, however, are very raw, real, aggressive, and shocking as they address some taboo topics, and those are not songs that are crafted in any way other than brutal honesty. 

“Psycho” obviously had a powerful underlying story to it. Are you able to dive deeper into the honest meaning of the track?

Yes, it is about a relationship with a man I recently got away from. The popular terms nowadays would describe him as a narcissist with extreme gaslighting behavior but I just stuck to the word psycho. In the beginning, it was like being in heaven and then within a second falling into hell- you thought you knew the person but they did a complete 180 and tore apart the core of who you are and what you cared about, seemingly without any care for the impact it had on you. All the things they claimed to respect and love about you in the beginning, were the things they needed to shatter in order to rebuild you into someone they wanted you to be, someone they could control. 

Its also about the cycle of how this relationship ended and then was picked back up another two times, it was like a rollercoaster where that one piece of perceived “heaven” we had in the beginning before everything turned into a nightmare was this chasing of a false hope of “maybe this time it will be different, maybe this time we can have that again.” 

I have been in many abusive, even very violent relationships in my life, but this man never laid a hand on me. All of the abuse was emotional and verbal, yet on a level I had never experienced, so this one takes the cake as far as toxic relationships go in my history. This might sound messed up to some people, but I’d rather be hit than have a master manipulator shred me to pieces and get in my mind to the point where I began to sacrifice who I was and question myself and my own reality. 

It shocked me when I came out of it because I thought I had healed from relationships like this from my past, so it blew my mind that I got sent back in time and it happened again. It was an important learning experience though. 

What was it like working with the producer Johnny Juliano on this track? Have you worked with him before?

Johnny Juliano is a phenomenal producer, he has now produced for rappers like 21 Savage and many others; his career is taking off! I have used his beats on my song “Heroin” as well as many upcoming releases. However, I did not work with him personally. Johnny leases beat to rappers and singers that are already completed, which is a very common practice for artists who don't have access to producers to work with personally. That's why I am so grateful I moved to California this summer because I recently found a producer I can now do that with. 

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

I love performing live, and I think it gives the listener a completely different experience with the song, that is actual feedback I’ve been given from members of an audience! I love bringing that energy on the stage and connecting eye to eye with people. However, I do prefer the writing and recording process. Above all, I am a lyricist, as that is how I started out before I found out I could sing. Ultimately though it's all about the whole package. These songs need to be heard so they have to be taken all the way! 

It was amazing showcasing “Psycho" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! Any words you'd like to leave the BuzzMusic community off with?!

All I would say is if there's any goal, dream, aspiration anyone has but hasn’t pursued, do whatever scares you the most, because it's probably what you are meant to do. Never say you can't do something before you have genuinely tried! Everyone is an artist in their own unique way, and everyone has gifts that only they can give to this world. This goes for people who are already artists- I know it's so hard when you're independent/underground and doing everything on your own, so many ups and downs, but keep going, even if you have to crawl at times. You’ll make it.


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