Tewy Dips Into A Myriad Of Genres With "2adays"

The natural-born penchant for thinking big and unapologetically pursuing passion has evolved into the musical career of Tewy in a significant way. His originality falls into an undeniably- catchy sound that perfectly toes the line between Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop. The Bay Area native demonstrates his skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer with an unmatched work ethic and dreams that never quit.

As we get lost in the rhythmic sway of Tewy’s latest single, “2adays,” there’s much to feast on as we embark on a passionate sonic voyage. Dripping in melodically powered harmonies that help to enhance the presence of his soothing timbres, we’re wrapped up in a mesmerizing presentation of Tewy’s mind-altering lyrical motifs.

The buoyantly propelling instrumentation launches through our speakers and reinforces the myriad of musical inspirations. Tewy takes into his artistic versatility. We admire this approach because of the unique sound that surfaces through an unmatched self-assuredness where Tewy has something epic to call his own. “2adays” has us drowning in the infectious grooves as we eat up every note that is depicted in a wavy manner. Fashioning together a seamless blend of relatability with the subject matter professed, it’s nearly impossible to deny the compelling tenors that shine with the overall musical foundation laid down.

Tewy has us bobbing our heads to the music and asking for more. Through a pitch-perfect performance that takes us into a variety of emotions on a spectrum that transitions from cognizant to confident, we hope that you’ll see just how “2adays” will transform your favorite playlist.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Tewy, and congratulations on the release of "2adays." Bringing such a unique fusion to this track, could you please share a glimpse into the inspiration that drove your creative process?

I wrote this song late one night after working through the production, balancing everything going on in life. The song was me saying that even when I'm overwhelmed, the goal is the same. Keep working and keep making music for people to relate to and enjoy

In your own words, what does this song mean to you? What do you hope that your listeners will take away from this record?

Basically, to embrace the grind. Anything in life worth doing won't be easy. Extraordinary things take extraordinary amounts of work. Two times.

With collaboration playing such a massive role in the music community, we would love to know; If you could remix "2adays," who would be your ideal candidate to hop on the remix, and why?

Russ, he's a huge inspiration of mine, and I think he would appreciate the song's sentiment and go crazy on it! He's as real as they get, and if I could sit down and connect with him on this song, it would be a bucket list moment.

What has been your proudest moment throughout your artistic career this far?

Probably this release because it is the first song that I wrote, sang, and produced. Pretty cool for me to say that because I've been working and learning about the production side of music.