Texas-based artist E Philz flawlessly blends genres with “That Half Bounce”

Making his name known out of Austin, Texas, E Philz is an electronic music artist who has been making original beats and loops since the early 2000s. Just recently E Philz made his catalog of music available to the public. He blends a soulful mix of R&B, hip-hop, and jazz-inspired beats. E Philz says his music is “an audio representation of the mood he was feeling at the time it was created.” Stay on the lookout for E Philz, he has plans to release a couple of projects every year going forward. 

That Half Bounce” is featured on E Philz’s album “Mindfux Vol. 2: Another Collection”. There is a certain brightness and immediate beauty to the way the strings and the keys intertwine for this journey through rising and falling moments of melody. The title adds a level of crisp, clean air – a freshness that allows the music to breathe life and calm into the room. This particular balance of elements is immensely powerful, proving to be truly uplifting and invigorating when you turn it up loud and let it rain down around you. Things come to a rather striking finish with the melancholic sense of falling or fading. This feels like an intimate end to the journey, a quiet and gentle performance, right there in the room with you.

Check out “That Half Bounce” here and read more with E Philz below! 

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