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Tha M. E. L Has Us Vibing To His New Single, “Recognize”

Tha M. E. L brings us endless vibes as he talks about specific issues affecting most of us in the most wholesome way in his new hit single "Recognize."

Storyteller Tha M. E. L creates artful music with a 90's flow that mixes elements with other genres like pop, r&b, and rock. He lights up his passionate vocals with joy, pain, anger, and heartbreak; he includes the challenges of relationships and his life's journey. The layers are marked with intense melodies and intentional clever rhymes when he records. Tha M. E. L is a natural poet and writer who grew up in church and developed his skill over the years.

Tha M. E. L formulates all his unique elements into a classic record, much as they did in the '90s. He levels with us about issues that are often not spoken about in rap, and by him doing so, he sparks a new love for us. He talks about how he sometimes feels in lyrics like "Many demons to battle, but I'm down for da fight" and "So I'ma hold my head high in the meantime, I do it from my soul, it's within me to shine," Tha M. E. L tells us about many truths, we can relate to.

As we enter the world of "Recognize," Tha M. E. L greets us with passion as he expresses nothing but the real and raw. He mentions that it goes beyond his skillful talent and record creating, "peep this individual, on how he speaks his mind, giving you clear visual."" This record is a statement for Tha M. E. L, stating that "Real recognize real", whether it be through the message or values of an artist - 'real recognize real.'

The nostalgic sounds of the boom-bap beat production remind us of times when hip-hop was at its 'most real.' From the ill lyricism to the epic old-school show, Tha M. E. L has brought the heat with his latest release, "Recognize." Bringing the perspective of a spiritual soul, Tha M. E. L is moving with tunnel vision, "Trying to get to the light," prepared to fight his demons and prosper.

Striving to live in the moment because nothing last forever, Tha M. E. L expresses how far he came. He believes that planting a seed will reap many future benefits; all it takes is a little bit of patience. Until the end, Tha M. E. L blows our mind with his different way of lyricism, he discloses how his life revolves around positive energy, and it's drama-free!

Feel the lyrics as it takes you on a journey with Tha M. E. L's new hit single "Recognize," available on all digital platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tha M.E.L. We truly appreciate such a relatable anthem like "Recognize," What inspired you to this song?

I wanted to show people that I can express myself in a way where I don't have to be fake about it. I live by the phrase "Real recognize real," so it was imperative for me to let everyone know that this is me, this is not a gimmick, and I will give the best of me all the time, every time.

What was the most rewarding part of creating "Recognize?" What did you enjoy most about the experience?

I enjoyed the fact that I could just be me for the most part. I enjoyed the creative freedom. I wasn't pressured to be something I'm not. When I'm in that creative space, it brings out the best in me, and I love that feeling. I originally wrote the song years back to a different beat, but I didn't do anything with it, so I just put it to the side. Fast forward, I linked up with one of my producer friends Gallo Locknez, and he had posted a snippet of a new beat he was working on Facebook. When I heard it, I was overwhelmed with excitement, and I knew deep inside I already had a concept in mind. "Recognize" was one of the first songs I thought of when I heard the beat. I ended up buying the beat and rewriting the verses because the original verses weren't cutting it anymore. When the final version was finished, I was so excited, and I knew from my heart that this had to be single.

What impact do you hope "Recognize" has on your audience?

I'm hoping it will have a positive impact. I know there are a lot of people out there struggling to find themselves, trying to figure out who they are, and I'm here to say just be you. Don't waste your time trying to be something that you're not just to impress other people. Those that are meant to be around you will come to you. I'm also hoping it will be an inspiration to those who could relate.

How does "Recognize" contrast your previous releases? How does the song stand out regarding lyricism, sound, and concepts?

With every project I work on, I try to make it better than the last. I want to elevate my skills as an emcee and as a songwriter. I take time and study my past releases to see what I can do better as far as song topics, song structure, the tone for each track, etc. If it doesn't meet my expectations, then it doesn't get released until I feel comfortable within myself to release it. With "Recognize," I felt like it was something needed, especially with everything that's going on in the world today. I just want to be a positive inspiration to the world.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I have an album coming out hopefully later on this year, so I'm definitely looking forward for everyone to hearing that. I have more singles dropping soon and more videos, and I'm definitely looking forward to performing a lot more as well.


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