Thalia Sophia Introduces Us to the World of Love's Hardships with Her Debut Single "In Me"

Performing from the tender age of six years old, Thalia Sophia is a singer-songwriter and recording artist with a unique culturally mixed background. Growing up, she was influenced by a variety of musical styles from old school reggaeton and cumbia, to European pop, all the way to relaxed blues and reggae.

With an immigrant mother from Germany and a Chicano dad, she draws musical influences that are as diverse as she is. Having been born in the magical city of Miami, she aims to create unique fusions of sounds that are equally culturally mixed.

The soothing captivation that is introduced to us on her latest single, “In Me,” has listeners far and wide feeling the sensual allure that Thalia Sophia brings to the foreground. There’s a sultry magnetism that flutters in her vocal delivery as the powerful melodies put you in a trance.

Encapsulating sounds of her heritage all while conveying the simmering vibrations of this summertime anthem, there’s nothing that says sun-kissed skin, and warm evening breezes quite like the tantalizing quintessence that is offered upon “In Me.”

Lusciously pouring out sounds of sweet blended Spanish and English lyrical motifs, the profound wording performed graces our ears and speakers in an immersive expression of the risks of love. There’s a method to the way that she approaches the verses effortlessly while tracing through the cascading foundation of musical elements in an almost therapeutic manner.

Once the chorus is locked in, and you hear the dynamism that radiates through her wide vocal range, you come to appreciate Thalia Sophia in a way that speaks directly into your soul. If this is what we can expect from her music catalog for the time to come, then you can bet that “In Me,” will serve us right until it’s time to hear what she has brewing next.

We love the blend of genres that you have us experiencing in “In Me.” Could you please share a glimpse into what the vision you have laced into this song is about?

Thank you! While writing, I was very much envisioning our beautiful tropical summers, with palm trees swaying in the breeze, and I wanted to share that vibe with listeners. I was definitely harnessing my badass summer energy and the lyrics about not accepting any kind of mistreatment just kinda poured out of me. I chose to have my lyrics switch between Spanish and English because although I absolutely love singing in Spanish, I naturally speak in a sort of Spanglish, so I felt including both languages would be more authentic to me and my blended cultural background.

With your own personal takeaway from this song being different from what you’d like the audience to experience, could you please take us into things you want your fan base to reflect on when listening to “In Me”?

I want listeners to feel empowered to not accept any disrespect and to know that they are amazing beautiful people. We don’t need to deal with any bad energy in our lives, because at the end of the day everything we need is already within ourselves. I also hope listeners can escape into a tropical dream world while listening to it too!

How does it feel to have your debut single out? What inspired you to make this statement piece that introduced your musical talents to the world?

It’s so exciting! Music has always been a big part of my life, but I had never shared my own original lyrics and melodies before, and I had never made my own decisions in a studio before about how I wanted things to sound, where harmonies should be placed, and such. I know I have a lot of growing and learning to do, but I am so happy that I was able to share so many different parts of myself in my first single!

What are you hoping that your music says to the people who take it in?

I’m hoping my music transcends genres and shows people we don’t have to be defined by anyone box. There is a place for those of us who speak more than one language, belong to more than one culture, or have more than one passion. I hope my lyrics in this song make people feel empowered to never accept anything less than they deserve and to know that they already have everything they could ever need in themselves. We’re all perfect just the way we are!