“That Don’t Mean A Thing” By Chupapi Will Give You Chills

Chad Strephen Walt, better known for his professional name, Chupapi, is a talented recording artist from Toronto, Canada. Playing with writing lyrics since he was 9 years old, Chupapi was always obsessed with the arts. He consistently wrote music on his piano and always kept a journal of all his song ideas. At age 15, Chad decided to buy a microphone from his local music store and began recording his own lyrics. “I honestly use to release everything I put out. This is where I was wrong. It’s important to stay active but still maintain an element of mystery.” After releasing 3 albums under 3 different music accounts, Chad was slowly developing his craft as an audio engineer. In late 2017, Chad began has career as “Chupapi”, a word that started as a

childhood nickname transformed into this young man's artist name. He has recently shifted his genre of music from Trap/Hip-hop to R&B/Acoustic songs. Chupapi is currently streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and more! He currently has released 11 singles and one album to date. We are looking forward to his new single “Love Song, Dear” that drops mid August 2019!

“That Don’t Mean A Thing” is a flawless R&B hit. The slow deliberate backbeat and echoing synths remind me of The Weeknd’s sound, but Chupapi is more original than that. The melancholy and emotion in his tone takes on a striking physicality. “That Don’t Mean A Thing” weaves through a vulnerable side of Chupapi to show the fragility of broken relationships as a key point for uncovering subtle textures in his sound. He is able to paint a picture in our minds through his skilled lyricism and layered vibes. I love this single because it’s easy to chill to but allows you to escape into the lyrics and sound. I highly recommend checking out “That Don’t Mean A Thing” and Chupapi’s entire repertoire available on all major streaming platforms. Stay on the lookout for Chupapi!


Check out “That Don’t Mean A Thing” here and read more with Chupapi in our exclusive interview below! 

Hi Chupapi! Can you talk more about the meaning behind “That Don’t Mean A Thing”?

That don’t mean a thing is about that one lover that you hope to feel the same way about you that you do for them but sometimes things are different in your own mind then they are in the ones you most care for. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

To learn to move on. Learn to live your life how you want to and not depict the way you act according to others standards. Don’t let your love for other people and the outcome of that love determine your own happiness. 

Can you recall the first song you ever wrote? How would you compare it to your writing abilities now?

Haha the first song I ever wrote was called “feel em now”. A trap song about becoming famous and wanting others to perceive my message in my music in the way I intending it to. Now a days I’ve branched out in my writing topics. I write about what occurs on a daily basis rather then what I hope to see in the future. I’ve learned to work now and look for results later, and by focusing on the now you can subconsciously help plan for your own future. I hope to one day release that song :) 

What are some challenges you faced while writing “That Don’t Mean A Thing”?

The hardest thing was putting my feelings into lyrics. When I write about money and cars and things that I aspire to have, it’s all fun and games but when the love is real, it’s hard to actually express it because how you feel in your mind is always way too complex for a pen and paper. 

In your music career so far, what would you say you're most proud of?

My proudest moment was getting on Spotify’s discover weekly and having my song titled “beneath her heart” shoot up in its listens extremely. The song is currently at 90k listens and it’s surreal that I almost hit 100k listens. This will be a huge mile stone for me. I hope that these songs are as fun and meaningful for you all as they were for me writing them. 


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