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“The 1” By Isaiah Bowers – It Won’t Take Much For This Track To Be On Top

Isaiah Bowers is a young artist from the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, California and has been pursuing his career since his junior year at Fairfax High School at the age of 17. He recently released his first album “Heart & Soul” independently and has received rave reviews from fans along with his community so far. The album is currently streaming on all platforms.

“The 1” is a down-to-earth track that has an unforgettable beat mixed with lyrics that are crisp and relatable. Isaiah uses a mixture of rap and singing during this alluring tune, and has a real talent as a lyricist as he expertly flows each word together with ease. The beat in “The 1” is a fantastic blend of drums, keyboard, and other various aspects that have been combined creatively and each sound balances extremely well with the vocals. I personally found myself getting relaxed to the sounds that start off this track - it helped me get my head bobbing once the lyrics and drum line dropped and I was really able to focus in on the lyrics. “Still love the crib, but it’s like a need my own shit” is just one of the relatable lines that reminds me of growing up and getting that first feeling of moving out, getting your own place, and becoming a role model for others. You can tell that Isaiah is passionate about his music and that he is striving to be the stop of his game but I don’t see that being an issue as “The 1” is sure to hit the top of the charts.

Listen to "The 1" here and get to know more about Isaiah Bowers below!

Hey Isaiah! Can you tell us any fun facts about yourself?

 I was born and raised on the Westside of Los Angeles , lived and ran through all the cites you could name them , Inglewood Gardena, Hawthorne etc. , but the Crenshaw District is the place I call home . Its where I spent most of my life and it’s the place that molded me into the person I am today . Living there i seen a lot of things early and learned a lot early , like toughness, realness, and too never fold . Cause out there only the strong survive man literally . A lot of people I came up with aren’t here anymore because of that . Thankfully for me I was able to find my passions in life at a young age which kept me out of trouble and away from the street life for the most part . I got caught into some things here and there but god and my family always kept my head straight growing up. So I ended up okay .

Can you tell us what inspired you to start writing music and what drives you to make new songs?

I’ve always loved music and to be creative  so writing songs felt natural to me .  I use to make up random songs and sing or rap them out loud in the house or in the shower . Then when  I turned 9 my pops gave me a composition book and after years of reading  lyrics to songs in the album cover booklets I decided to start writing my own and I haven’t stopped since. I consider myself to be a highly motivated individual as well so making new songs is a daily routine for me . I try to write at least 2 a day . Some days I get in my zone and go crazy and I might just end up writing a whole project . It’s happened before . I’m just always on the go and always on a constant quest for bigger & better . So I work non stop and since music is my passion I work all day and all night on it like it’s nothing . Because truth is I’m having the time of my life doing what I do. So it’s nothing like I said.

What is the meaning behind “The 1” and what was the creative process like when writing it?

Everybody wants to be number one. No one goes out and dedicates all their time in attempt to be second , or third , People wanna win in life and that’s just facts . I certainly want to win in life so I wanted  to have a record on my album that touched bases  with that. And knowing that everyone else would feel me on that subject it made a lot of since to write The 1. It didn’t take me long to write it cause I heard the beat first and I was feeling it . And the more I feel the beat the faster I write so it didn’t take long . The reception it’s been getting is crazy . One of the bros said it was one of the best songs he’s ever heard in his life . I started laughing cause I’m thinking he’s just cappin me cause we’re homies but he kept going on and he even went into detail about why it was one the best songs he’s heard . So that right there and everything else people  said about it let me know that I got the job done . You could call it a classic if it’s moves people that way .

Your album has such a variety of sounds and styles. What sets you apart from other artists in Hip-Hop?

Man a lot of things , one being my fearlessness for sure . I never been afraid of anything , and it’s the same with this music . If I like a particular sound or style and I feel like it can be added to my bag of tricks It will be. Despite if it’s too different or too weird I don’t care . If I’m feeling it I’m feeling it. And that’s what goes . I think some artist aren’t willing to take risk in fear of getting less streams and losing fans , not having enough tricks in the bag to do it or even sometimes they might just lack an identity . So they decide to just copy and paste there whole career but that ain’t me.

Before I started recording my album I told myself I wasn’t going to make anything that didn’t represent me . I wanted to be able to feel a deep connection to each song when i hear it . I knew I had it when after everything was recorded I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was on repeat for me before anyone else you know because those songs are personal . They come from real experiences that I had which is another thing that separates me I keep it 100 at all times . And I express myself freely and to the maximum. So when I titled my album “Heart & Soul” it’s because the music that you’re hearing is literally coming from my heart and soul no where else. I think that alone separates me too because that makes me original . A one and only 

Tell us what you have planned next for 2019

Doing Shows, dropping more music and music videos, parties (RTR Bonfire coming soon), and a whole lot of other things but everything is about expansion and solidification now . I want to spread my brand throughout the world and solidify it so every move I make henceforth is to reach that goal. And then me and my life long brothers Urael B and Vee (@uraelb, @_veemusic) are running our own record company right now Respect The Real LLC . So I’ll also be spending time with them in efforts to make our movement global. We’re trying to spread love and positivity to the world because as we all know there’s a lot of  bad energy out there. So we’re going to be the ones to spear head a new movement in response to that . Our movement consist  of being genuine, being passionate , being thoughtful, being respectful to yourself and your fellow human beings and most important of all being real. So be on the lookout for us. 


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