The Addictive New Hit From Bafoory "Nicotine"

The first Emirati rock artist, Bafoory brings a unique cultural twist to western dominated Rock music. Oozing talent from every aspect, Bafoory is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a multilingual singer English, Arabic and Hindi. Bafoory has been in music since fifteen and has been sharing his music since 2013.

Bafoory's EP , “Fall and Rise” was released in December of 2018. The fourth track of the EP is titled, “Nicotine”. "Nicotine" gives the listener a glimpse of what Bafoory is about musically with his unique cool style. Moody guitar licks and classic rhythms and twangiest of acoustic guitars, saturated with a hard percussion line bring this track together. Almost on the lines of grunge/rock, Bafoory brings his melodic, yet gritty vocals which intensifies along with the track. This may sound like a class rock genre track, but we later see the transition. The instrumentalization of the track is set equal to the vocals which emphasizes the emotion. Bafoory's song "Nicotine" is completely solid in itself and seems to have a thematic element of the twangy acoustic guitars. "Nicotine" will definitely lead way for inspiration to artists to create something real and raw.

Listen to "Nicotine" here -- Be sure to check out our exclusive BuzzMusic Interview with Bafoory below!