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The Afterparty Project Presents a New Lively Single, "SWITCH"

Pop-punk artist and singer-songwriter Gun Boi Kaz teams us with XINCLAIR to release their addictive single via record label The Afterparty Project entitled "SWITCH."

After forming the label, The Afterparty Project, Gun Boi Kaz saw vast success in regards to streaming and acquiring a loyal fanbase. Excited to get the label's ball rolling, Gun Boi Kaz is now back and better than ever with help from XINCLAIR and their recent sweltering single, "SWITCH."

Written by Gun Boi Kaz and XINCLAIR, "SWITCH" serves a heavy nod to modern hip-hop merged with the liveliness of pop-punk. Through their exhilarating performances and vocal delivery, Gun Boi Kaz and XINCLAIR leave us in awe of their captivating sonic atmosphere and innate confidence.

"SWITCH" opens with a soothing keyboard arrangement and wavy synths that expand in heat and power in the song's background. As Gun Boi Kaz makes his dominant vocal appearance, he delves into bars that expel nothing but poise and determination, relishing in the fast-paced lifestyle he lives. We can't help but feel heavy similarities to the late great Juice World, as Gun Boi Kaz and XINCLAIR's melodic vocal abilities merged with modern hip-hop tones make for a stimulating listening experience.

Not to mention the song's dominant production and sonics, we're truly impressed with the groove and sonic arrangement that blasts through our speakers with the utmost power and vigor. As Gun Boi Kaz and XINCLAIR carry us towards the outro, the song comes to a sweet close, and we're left wanting more flavorful tracks like this.

We truly feel that Gun Boi Kaz and XINCLAIR will become household names sooner than later, especially as they continue releasing heavy-hitting bangers like "SWITCH." Find "SWITCH" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gun Boi Kaz, and XINCLAIR. We're head over heels for the punchy and groovy atmosphere you've delivered within your recent single, "SWITCH." What inspired you to write this dominant single?

We originally wrote the track while Kaz was out in Arizona visiting me. This was actually the first song I ever freestyle rather than wrote, usually I like to sit down and write line by line going over every little detail but since we were at a BNB with a whole different kinda vibe from how I usually make music, I thought why not switch it up for once, haha.

Could you expand on your collaboration with XINCLAIR when creating the single "SWITCH?" Why did you want to make a trip down to Arizona to collaborate?

We planned the trip to shoot 2 music videos for our tracks "goodbye" & "numb iii" so while we were together we made as much music as we could in order to get more collab songs ready for the future "SWITCH" being one of them.

What aspects of the creative process did XINCLAIR manage when creating "SWITCH?" Did he help create the song's production or only the songwriting?

I wanted "SWITCH" to be a straight club banger. Both I & Kaz usually make more slow / sad-oriented music but since this was the first time we actually met in person it was nothing but good energy so making a hype song just made sense.

Could you tell us more about your label, The Afterparty Project? What type of music or artists will you feature?

The Afterparty Project is a great label/network. They really focus on giving artists the opportunity to reach a whole new audience using their platform. I got nothing but love for everyone working over there!

What's next for you?

I'm gonna be releasing a new song "I been" on July 16th so been on the lookout for that!


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