The BlkSheep Motivates The Hip-Hop Music Scene In “From The Bottom”

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, music was always a part of Adrian McNeal’s life. Better known as The BlkSheep, Adrian has been writing since he was 13 and pours his heart and soul into his music. Adrian began using poetry as an emotional outlet and then began to blend that poetry with musical backdrops. The BlkSheep's music is honest as he shares his struggles and triumphs with his listeners. Many others can relate to those struggles and feeling like you want to disappear because the pressure of it all. His songs have a message and a vibe that draws you in to listen. 

The BlkSheep is vulnerable and truthful about his trials and tribulations in his newest single “From The Bottom”. This empowering anthem is about The BlkSheep’s “whatever it takes to succeed” attitude. His ambition and drive have taken him further than he ever imagined growing up with  difficult childhood. Self-made and admirable, The BlkSheep’s track “From The Bottom” is motivating and meaningful, while remaining upbeat and catchy. It’s emotive and exudes storytelling aspects while the catchy hook and addicting beat makes it a summer banger. The BlkSheep definitely knows how to leave us wanting more! We can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

Listen to “From The Bottom” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Tell us about your stage name The BlkSheep? What does it mean to you?

 I chose BlkSheep because I wanted to be different. I wanted to stand out from everyone else, even the ones in my family. When you hear the name Black Sheep, people say they are part of a family that's disgraced by them, but I don't really agree with that meaning. A Black Sheep to me is a powerful individual who isn't afraid to embrace who they are, despite anyone's opinion. The name means a lot to me because it describes who I am in life and I know I'm not the only one. So I want to be the voice for them. 

Who are your musical influences? How do they inspire you?

Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, J Cole, Young Bleu, Trell, Rod Wave, 6lack, and so much more. They all rap with a message. Their music isn't just music, it's life. It's a life that I can relate to. When I listen to their music and I see where they come from, it's gives me just that much hope. To continue to push through, cause I know that I'm not the only one.

What's the meaning behind the lyrics in From The Bottom?

It's basically about my life. The struggles that I've been through and acknowledging where I've been and still moving forward towards the future. 

What do you want your fans to take away from "From The Bottom"?

I want them to know that it's okay to start from the bottom cause that is the starting place. Everything may not be glitter and gold like the next man, and that's okay, cause your starting place may be from the bottom, and the only way is up from there. 

Do you think that your life experiences and struggles have made you a better artist?

Yes, because people relate to real life experience.

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