The Blood Moon Howlers Return With Blues-Infused Rock Through, “Tilted Patrons”

L.A. based bluesy rock band The Blood Moon Howlers return to BuzzMusic, this time drowning ourselves into their recent heavy single “Tilted Patrons.” Following up their latest critically acclaimed single “Moonlighters,” The Blood Moon Howlers genuinely bring in a diverse range of sound as they move forward with “Tilted Patrons.”

A heavy blues anthem where guitarist/vocalist Matt Wayne mentioned, “This song was inspired by someone calling our sound ‘whiskey drenched blues’ after a show.” Loving this term, The Blood Moon Howlers went full force into this intoxicating sound, by adding the most simple yet effective soul-touching instrumentals.

“Tilted Patrons” starts off with heavy electric guitar riffs by Matt Wayne, dropping into a sweltering mid-tempo rock/blues drum beat from Brandon “Funknasty” Cooke. Off the bat, it’s already interesting to see how the dynamic changes within The Blood Moon Howlers and how they create—seeing as their previous single highlighted JuJu’s vocals, while “Tilted Patrons” highlights Matt Wayne’s vocals.

With all sorts of intriguing sonic aspects like JuJu’s added background vocals and Brandon “Funknasty” Cooke’s textured percussion performance, The Blood Moon Howlers are continuously topping each single of theirs but providing us with a different side of the band through genre experimentation. A perfect track to blast on your well-deserved relaxing Friday evening, “Tilted Patrons,” lets us crack open a cold one during these hot days.

Listen to “Tilted Patrons” here.