The Bloodshots Get Our Adrenaline Pumping With Their Recent Hit, "NO WAY OUT"

The Western Canada-based 5-piece Rock band, The Bloodshots, release an exhilarating and blood-boiling single titled "NO WAY OUT." Fueling the fire in our souls with their tightly-wound and hard-hitting sound, The Bloodshots have made it extremely clear that they're ready to grab the next slice of greatness. Primarily through their various performances alongside acts like Finger Eleven, SLASH, and many more, we're excited to see what the band's future will bring.

With their powerhouse single, "NO WAY OUT," The Bloodshots power through with fierce Rock instrumentation and the lead vocalist CJ's gut-wrenching lyrical concept. Attempting to navigate his way out of a treacherous relationship and finally coming out strong in the end, we love the robust instrumentals that The Bloodshots have delivered, which may depict the emotions one feels when sitting in the anger of someone else's actions.

"NO WAY OUT" opens with the band's rigid and rough instrumental delivery, pushing the song with a fiery atmosphere through their forceful performance. Once CJ's vocals make their way in, he begins depicting scenarios of fleeing from someone's presence as they've brought more pain than pleasure. Not to mention CJ's lyrics towards his hatred and animosity towards the small town that's brought him down, The Bloodshots take their heated instrumentals and create this exhilarating atmosphere that pushes us into the fire.

We love the raw and heightened energy that The Bloodshots have infused into "NO WAY OUT," as the whaling electric guitar, whopping drum patterns, punchy rhythm guitar, and thumping bassline brings an immense sense of life and excitement to push us out of our everyday routines.

We can't get enough of your heated single, "NO WAY OUT." Was the single inspired by a troubled relationship, a distaste for your town, or both? 

Thanks! We worked hard on this single. The song comes from a few areas for sure. Both a soured relationship coinciding with being stuck in your town and feeling like you're never getting out. Now add being quarantined in your own town with the current state of the world and you have a recipe for a solid punky rock banger! Haha

When getting down to your songwriting process for "NO WAY OUT," how does your band split the lyric writing? Is there a particular process that has worked well for your group?

Usually I (C.J) from the bulk of the songwriting and lyrics. However, we've been coming into rehearsals with more and more ideas. Either Keith or Orvis will bring a catchy guitar riff to the band that we will all put our touches on and it turns into "Bloodshots" no matter what. I like to focus on the melody. Get the music down and catchy for the ear and then I'll write lyrics to it. Speaking on the flaming hot instrumentals within "NO WAY OUT," would you say that this raw and energetic sound is a staple for your band? How did you craft your instrumentals to match the powerful lyricism?

Absolutely. We pry ourselves on having that raw rock sound while at the same time absolutely killing it up on stage. As much energy as possible. It isn't like it's a forced thing, we just get into the zone when we hit the stage together and the crowd gets their money's worth. We've heard that you teamed up with Producer John Paul Peters for the creation of your single, "NO WAY OUT." How did he help execute your vision, and what was your collaboration like?

He's great. He's one of those guys that just gets it. He knows how to pull the very best out of us in the studio yet he's very careful to stick with the artist's vision and honors that. There's a reason J.P won Producer of the Year and Engineer of the year at the 2020 Western Canadian Music Awards. What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Well since signing with GOLDEN ROBOT RECORDS out of Sydney Australia earlier this year, AND with COVID-19 throwing a wrench into everything, we along with the label have decided to focus on releasing singles over the next few months. Who knows where the world will be at next spring but until then, with no chance of touring anytime soon, we will be hammering out some solid singles that will available everywhere you stream.