The Catcalls Deliver an Exhilarating Energy In Song “I Get High”

The Catcalls gets the energy pumping in their single titled “I Get High”. This riveting song was a complete smash! The trailblazing instrumentation demonstrated a vast range of rad instrumental playing. One of my personal favorite elements to the melodies through the instruments was the exhilarating and radiant electric guitar. This piercing guitar had a strong demonstration of classic progressive rock and it was dynamic and electrifying! Listening to “I Get High” feels like I was listening to a classic Rock N Roll song that had me headbanging and becoming pumped up with the atmosphere.

The drums were rhythmically moving and the vocals were powerful. “I Get High” is a pure representation of great rock music. The vigorous vocals and high-power guitar strumming had us well-intertwined with the single. Another favorite component to “I Get High” was how The Catcalls allowed us to enjoy an entire measure of the electric guitar. It was the perfect bridge to make sure our vibrant energy was at an all-time high! “I Get High” released electric endorphins in our body that had us wanting to come back for more. The Catcalls is most definitely the band to be on the eye for as their music is groundbreaking and exhilarating.

You can listen to “I Get High” by The Catcalls here.

BuzzMusic welcomes The Catcalls! Tell us a bit about yourselves and how the group formed

We're a blues/rock band based in Colorado. The band originally formed in early 2017 and has evolved to its current formation over time. All three of us teach private music lessons in Fort Collins, and we quickly realized how natural it was to play together. We also all studied music and bring a lot of different elements with us. Riley is the primary songwriter, and she's toured as a one-woman band, Dylan and Dave both have degrees in jazz performance, and Dave also plays with a lot of bluegrass bands, but all three of us have played a wide spectrum of genres, from old-time to country to rock & roll, so The Catcalls is a pretty fertile middle ground for us.