The Circus Has Arrived with Twin Charades, “Inaboyasa”

Twin Charade is the electric duo composed of Joshua Pivato and Alex Kachkan. Together the two have come to create a willy- alternative pop/rock single, “Inaboyasa”. The annunciation of "Inaboyasa" is so captivating we had to know what it means; however, I was sadly disappointed to learn that no formal meaning exists, to later discover their meaning of the word, in our exclusive interview. The duo has created a witty, twisted and fun word that you won’t be able to forget! We can't help but repeat this track in an attempt to mimic these catchy vocals. His voice is raspy and sensual, creating the perfect characteristics resembling a true Rock performer. I think what is most enjoyable about having mysterious language and lyrics is that you're left guessing the meaning and only wanting more. We didn’t want this song to end and we can’t wait to hear more from this power duo.

Pivato and Kachkan’s intention was to entertain, produce satirical lyrics while adding a fiery spirit of Rock and Roll, needed to keep us dancing and singing. When asked they state that their music is an expression of autonomy, “it’s a call to become an overcomer”. Although, their work is about individualism this duo work harmoniously to create a unifying piece. Listen to “Inaboyasa” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Twin Charade! Thank you for this energetic single, we are dying to know the meaning behind your single "Inaboyasa"!

'Ello BuzzMusic! Happy. We are happy. And happy to hear our single has sparked some interest. So... INABOYASA, what does it mean? It is the primal expression of the thoughts & feelings we don't know how to say.

What brought the two of you together to create such an entertaining and electric sound?

Fate, as it were. Once upon a time we played together in a Prog Rock band. When that ended, one day we decided we wanted to go bat-sh*t wild... well, here we are!

Which inspirational Rockers influenced the sound portrayed in “Inboysasa”?

We just let loose. We like to let the songs possess us, let them craft themselves, and whatever influences emerge from our subconscious, so be it. For this song in particular, we heard sounds emerging with hints of Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Periphery, Prince... and well, we rolled with it. We prefer to let the songs be autonomous.

Do you see yourselves incorporating other genres into your future works?

Indubitably. You name it, its gonna make it onto the roster. Perhaps even some Jazzy Yodelling Nu Metal if we're feeling quirkier than usual.

Thank you for being with us today, we love the mystery behind “Inboysasa” and look forward to more songs from you. What can we expect from you in the new year?  We can't wait to hear what's next!

Thank you so very much for having us! Before this year's out, we'll have released the music video for Inaboyasa (Probably November 23rd), as well as our second single and its music video in December. We can't wait. That's going to be a lot Next year, we'll release the rest of this first phase of music, or EP (however you choose to call it) and proceed to gear up for the first of our Live Shows! We want to make the Live Shows an immersive experience... something approximating Theater moreso than a standard set. Hope to eventually see you there!