The Collaborative Dark Experience We Didn’t Know We Needed From Okayyy Bee and Les Simple

The New Jersey-based artists, Okayyy Bee and Les Simple, are back at it again to mix the sound of new waves and modern rap. Their latest release, “Whoop,” brings together the sounds of melody with grit to create counterbalancing sounds that seamlessly fuse.

“Whoop” instantly opens up with a dirty hip-hop drum kit that feels reminiscent of classic ‘90s hip-hop, then bringing in a more modern approach to the vocals takes us back to modern times. We couldn’t help but feel like we were taken to the darkest of corners while listening to “Whoop,” the slightly sinister feeling to the record - notably from the tense piano and driving drums. There are honest, and raw vocals from both Okayyy Bee and Les Simple that tells us about the hustle and how working towards your goal can leave you feeling like an absolute baller at the end. From start to end, “Whoop” is full of energy, and we love the evolution of sounds between Okayyy Bee and Les Simple, and we can’t hear what this duo will be coming up with in the future for both their collaborative and solo releases.

You can vibe to “Whoop” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Okayyy Bee and Les Simple! Your collaborative experience “Whoop” is full of energy from start to end, what was it like to work together on this one? What was that whole creative process like?

The experience working together on this track is full of energy and going bar for bar back and forth created a lot of chemistry. We thought about the song on the spot and went from there. When you listen to whoop you are hitting the gym, you’re on the way to the club, you’re on the way to work and you have to play this song to bring energy into your day. 

We felt that “Whoop” was about the hustle, what does this record mean to the both of you? Did both of you write your own parts or was it a collaborative experience?

We hit the studio and just felt the beat, had a few drinks acted like we were at a party and then went in the booth. We wrote our separate verses at the studio while listening to the beat and that was like 10 min tops. 

The production of this record has a bit of that dirty south vibe to it but the vocals had that modern touch to it, was this a direction you wanted to go in from the start? How did you come up with the beat behind it all?

We both are different on solo projects. Les Simple has a boom-bap/conscious flow and Okayyy Bee has a melodic/trap flow. Whether its a collaboration with a rock star, a pop star, an R&B singer or a jazz musician you learn something new and get better gaining new skills going outside of your element. 

How do you feel both of you have grown from your solo releases to this collaborative one? Did you face any challenges while working together?

We never face challenges in music because we make music based off of how we feel at the moment and just go with it. 

What are some goals you have for future releases? What else is coming in 2020?

Our goal is to create positivity and uplift our fans throughout these hard times. We have a duo album that’s coming soon called bee simple. The album is a crazy party from the first song to the end