The Como Brothers Drop Cheeky New Hit “Money”

The Como Brothers, Matt and Andrew Como, are musicians, singers, songwriters and performers, from Long Island who are passionate about their music, heartfelt lyrics, and original sound. Combining a pop and rock easy listening sound with a blues vibe, they have written and recorded multiple albums and EP’s of original songs. Their latest songs have been recorded with Grammy nominated engineer Kenta Yonesaka at Germano Studios in New York City.  Matt and Andrew have had songs being featured in TV shows such as E! Networks Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV's The Real World, and The Oxygen Channel's Best Ink and on global in-store playlists for H&M, Zara, Pull Bear among others. Their videos have been play listed in US stores like Walmart, Costco, BJs and others. The Como Brothers have established themselves as singer-songwriters from the ground up, stay tuned for more! 

The brothers latest release “Money” is a groovy new indie-pop track and we can’t get enough. Fusing an eclectic range of influences, The Como Brothers create an authentic and genre-bending sound. The vocals are finely-tuned, precise and so easy to vibe along. “Money” features a catchy hook guaranteed to have you singing along with every word. I can’t get enough of the harmonically-rich fusion of vocals and the overall outstanding production. The mesmerizing melody and catchy tune makes “Money” a spectacular new addition to the brothers already impressive repertoire. The catchy yet easy listening indie-pop sound that The Como Brothers have created is memorable and addicting. The admirable quality of being able to create music that your fans can relate to is hard to find but these guys have got it. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Check out “Money” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Como Brothers! How did you two begin making music together?

We started out playing in cover bands in high school. We were in a Beatles tribute band with our dad and uncle at one point. Learning a lot of The Beatles music is what gave us an appreciation for songwriting. It made us want to write and perform our own songs. We've been writing, recording, and performing our songs ever since.

What’s your writing process like as a duo?

It really depends on the song. Sometimes we'll write a song totally together, and other times we'll start/finish an idea on our own.

What does the track “Money” mean to you? What inspired it?

"Money" is about wanting money so that you don't have financial worries. It's not about wanting money for the sake of money. Everybody wonders what it would feel like to win the lotto and not have a single financial concern - this song is a wish to experience that feeling. The song is also a lament that we currently do have to think about money and have to constantly figure out how to pay bills.

What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

I hope our listeners can relate to the feeling and dance to it. We also want our listeners to know that we don't really care about money itself. Loved ones and time are the two most important things in life; we just want money so that we can have more of that. We can care less about material things.

From an artist’s perspective, what is your favorite lyric in “Money”?

"They say that we living free, but I get charged every time I breath" is my favorite line! You really do get charged at every step that you take in life! Even the air at the gas station costs money.


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