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The Como Brothers Release "One and Only"

The Como Brothers (Matt and Andrew Como) are singers, songwriters and performers from Long Island, New York. They are a passionate duo combining pop, easy listening rock and blues. To date, they have released multiple albums and EPs of their original music. Their latest releases have been recorded with Grammy nominated recording engineer Kenta Yonesaka at Germano Studios in New York City. The two brothers have toured the east coast, performing at venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe and The Cutting Room in New York City, along with performances around the country, from Hollywood, California, to the SXSW festival in Texas, as well as Florida, Boston, and New York City to name a few. The Como Brothers have had songs featured on TV shows such as E! Network’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV’s The Real World, and The Oxygen Channel’s Best Ink. They have also been featured on global in-store playlists for H&M, Zara, Pull Bear and others. Their videos have been playlisted in United States stores such as Walmart, Costco, BJs and more. This dynamic duo have established themselves as singer-songwriters working with industry heavyweights such as Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Saturday Night Live band, Late Night with David Letterman), keyboardist Andy Burton (Little Stephen & The Disciples of Soul) and Aaron Sterling (Taylor Swift).

The Como Brothers have a new single out called “One and Only”. Within the first 30 seconds, any listener could immediately pick out elements of several genres, such as reggae, pop, rock and a very bluesy sounding organ. The chorus is a super catchy hook and is an instant ear worm. The second verse picks up a little bit, with a slightly busier beat, more organ and a more present electric guitar line in the background. The bridge divides the song very nicely, providing a change of pace before building the chorus slowly to the song’s climax of the final chorus. The vocals are sung with skill and confidence, and the vocal harmonies really help to enrich the overall sonic qualities of this song. The fact that they are brothers is definitely not surprising considering how seamlessly everything happens in the arrangement. Calling this duo “folk” or “pop” would be somewhat lazy. There is so much more going on that’s worth focusing on, from their influence of blues to their almost reggae like beat. The Como Brothers are definitely worth listening to, and “One and Only” is no exception. Do yourself a favor and check this dynamic duo out today!

Listen to "One and Only" here and get to know more about The Como Brothers below!

Hey guys! Thanks for chatting with us. To get us started, can you explain a bit about how you guys got into music in the first place? Did one of you start before the other?

Our parents first got us into music! They have video VHS tapes of us dancing to Billy Joel’s “In The Middle Of The Night” as babies. Our Dad and Uncles all played music — they especially loved The Beatles and they passed that on to us. Our Mom was always a big music afficiando as well. Our love of The Beatles got us into songwriting and from the second we started we both actually just had this drive to make the coolest song we possibly could make! We strive to make songs that fun, meaningful, relatable and exciting. When I hear a new song I like I am always amazed and get so excited. That excitement and fun is something we hope to instill in others when they listen to our songs!

Who would you say, collectively, are your biggest musical influences?

We mentioned a couple already but delving in deeper for me I love the vocal style of Sting, Adam Levine and Paul McCartney. On bass I always try to emulate Pino Palladino and the groove that he always shows. I love how his bass lines can make people bob their heads to the music! Andrew and I also are huge John Mayer fans. His songwriting and concerts are always so inspiring. John gives us the feeling of wanting to go and write the best song we can. The Police are always in my head. A major influence is the blues. We saw Buddy Guy with our Dad a few years ago in New York City and that was amazing. BB King, Stevie, Albert King, Gary Clark Jr, Hendrix - we are really into all that stuff.

You’ve got a new single called “One and Only”, and there seem to be a mixture of influences from several different genres. Is something you guys have cultivated over time or is this just what comes out?

Interesting question! One and Only wasn’t intentionally made in any genre or with a preconception of what it needed to be - it just kind of came out in the moment! I’m sure it is a meld of many different influences in my life. It actually just popped out of me really quickly one night. I sat down wanting to write a song and melodies were just coming really fast over the chords I was playing. It was really fun and I kept wanting to go down the rabbit hole exploring these melodies and chords until finally the song was done. The bridge came later on the day we recorded it with our drummer.  Songwriting is challenging sometimes but all the time and effort becomes worth it for that one moment when the melody and chords and lyrics and everything comes together! It is like a glimpse at an unknown universe of perfection that only happens very fleetingly. Then the song is made and that initial moment of conception is over. It is the initial moment of conception though that I find myself always chasing and striving for — because it is just such a high! A recent concert performance of us singing One and Only has gotten over 2 Million views on our Como Brothers Facebook page! The reception to One and Only has been awesome so far. (

How would you describe your writing process? Do you find that because you guys are brothers that you work well together?

We do work very well together and I think it is because we have always been best friends doing everything together - we have much of the same taste in music too. Our voices compliment each other. In very obvious ways they are different but the difference in our singing voices meld nicely.  Our performing styles are very similar and we both just love a good song. We do bicker like brothers often! But in the end we both come to the best parts for each song - instrumentals, lyrics, harmonies, and more that are the best we can come up with — and the most fun for us.

What can we hope to see from you both in 2019 and beyond?

We are releasing a new song called “Money” in June 2019!! The Como Brothers are also doing many shows so check out our website and come down to a show to say hey! We’d love that ( for dates).  There are other new songs coming including Shooting Star, Tell Me How, Loving Me, and more that are being recorded and we hope to release soon!  One and Only is on Spotify, Apple Music and more! Definitely stream it up!! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep in touch @ComoBrosBand.


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