The Copenhagen R&B Sensation, Kasper Svaren, Mirrors His Own Experiences His Single, "I Don't Care"

Kasper Svare is this year's most queried R&B/Pop artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. With experience producing and performing guitar since the age of 10, he is continuously endeavoring to translate personal sentiments and antiquities into bouncy-electric inspired RnB music. There is no exception here with the release of his latest single, "I Don't Care", which tantalizes a tale about intense desire and stubborn heartstrings.

The swelling guitar strings intro blends seamlessly after only several seconds into Kasper’s more exuberant effect drenched vocals. “My mama told me that I should always choose my dreams”, he begins, placing himself in a long lineage of tales relating to love and desire. “So that is you, girl, I feel like you're my whole world, and I know we just met...” he embellishes, leaving the details of his story tantalizingly open-ended. Though the song’s tonality is reminiscent of swaying chill vibes, the Spanish inspired guitar gives the whole track a unique finish. His more minimalistic approach to production keeps the refrain from feeling cheesy, and the gentle guitar plucks, and lifting harmonies create a swell of momentum. You can hear the friction of fingers thwacking against the congas as a nice touch throughout the verses. To this extent, the production doesn't get lost in any one note hook and instead establishes a very easy to follow narrative and flow. The song bangs like it’s trying to break into a big heart-shaped box, probably because that’s how its producer is feeling: “I just wanna leave right now with you, cause I don't care, bout anyone else, I want you for myself” sings Kasper, with juicy enticement. Beside him, his elaborate harmony callbacks narrate the absolute apathy for concern: “You so tasty, let's get crazy, I don't care". 

You can listen to "I Don't Care" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kasper! We're totally invested in the vibes you are producing. How would you describe the process you follow when a new song idea is born? Does it start on the guitar, in your DAW, or on paper?

It really depends from song to song. 

I usually start with a chord progression and trying to search after the right vibe.

My last single “I Don’t Care” was actually a classic Singer/Songwriter song in the beginning, before it turned into what it is today. My songs change and develop in the process of making them.

You are based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and have spent time producing a collaborating with many artists overseas. How do you think the music scene in your hometown has influenced the kind of music that you make now, and how does it affect how you collaborate? If not, why?

I’ve always been a singer/songwriter and there is a great music community in my town, in which I have found inspiration and good friends. 

You began your musical journey at the early age of 10. How do you think you have grown as an artist and songwriter since you first started producing music? 

I’m growing a lot from day to day as a musician and my music has developed from pop to RNB. I love to learn new things and work with musicians that are so inspiring. 

It was a joy featuring you here on BuzzMusic! When do you plan on releasing more new music? Are you planning on collaborating with any new artists in the future?

It was a pleasure, thanks for having me! I´m releasing new music very soon and I can’t wait to show you this song. I can’t say much about it yet but I’m very excited.