The Dead Bolts Release Brand New Track “Stay” In Preparation For New LP

Growing up as musicians in their neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago, Eddie Hennessy (Vocals/Guitar), John Rolence (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Paske (Lead Guitar), James Ryan (Drums), and Tyler Hancock (Bass Guitar) eventually found each other to form The Dead Bolts in the summer of 2018. The band started out playing shows in crowded neighborhood bars, garages, houses, blocked off streets, and basically anywhere they could draw a crowd. With influences from Chicago’s prominent Blues, Rock, and Alternative music scene, as well as every other genre they happen to listen to, the band never put a label on their sound. They are currently working on piecing together their first full LP at Treehouse Records in Logan Square. Their latest singles “Keep It Movin” and “Stay” are the first tracks available from this project.

“Stay” rocks along, chock-full of character with swagger to spare. A truly great song, one that sounds good to begin with but that reaches a spectacular early peak when the hook hits. It evolves even more afterward, re-crafting the soundscape almost entirely. Those initial layers of various genres cascade and collaborate among heavy fuzz and weight during the later stages, and on the other side of this are some hard-hitting vocals. You quickly see the effort and skill that The Dead Bolts have put into building “Stay” into what it is. The vocal melody is unusual in all the right ways. It’s a confident instrument, and a smooth delight to listen to, yet still retains an edge in places. Overall, “Stay” is a welcome addition to our playlist and I recommend you add it to yours too!

Check out “Stay” here and read more with The Dead Bolts below!