The Dead Licks Are Back With A Brand New Rock Anthem “Shapeshifter”

The Dead Licks is a contemporary/modern alt-rock band consisting of members Jack Grbac (guitar), Tom Inzinga (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Gallagher (drums) and Johnny McNamara (bass). They released their debut album "Stay Away from the Aliens" in 2018, and have garnered nothing but success since then. Their sound embodies true eclecticism in an alternative rock fashion. You're going to feel uplifted by their passion, and drawn to their dramatics. The overall musicality of their sound is what sets The Dead Licks apart in the rock music scene today. 

The Dead Licks much anticipated single "Shapeshifter" is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. “Shapeshifter” makes for a stunning example of the kind of passion and weight that The Dead Licks pour into their music. Balancing the classic intensity of Soundgarden, the music builds up and envelops listeners in an incredibly immersive and memorable way. It’s been a while since a rock band has lined up all of the elements to such an effective degree. That classic, hard-hitting escapism has finally returned while superb guitar work meets with incredibly appealing vocals that cut through the weight of the soundscape with relevant ease. The Dead Licks are insanely good at what they do. Rock has been hinting at making it’s return to the mainstream in recent years, but this release marks its official move from a hint to an absolute promise. 

Check out “Shapeshifter” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic The Dead Licks! We love your nostalgic sound! Can you introduce the members of the group and tell us about how The Dead Licks came to fruition?

Tom Inzinga - Vocals/Guitar

Jimmy Gallagher - Drums

Johnny Mac - Bass/Keys

Jack Grbac - Guitar

Our freshman year at the University of Dayton I sent an email to the campus recording studio asking if anybody wanted to jam or knew how to work anything… and Tom happened to be the only person to email me back.  We later asked Tom’s old friend Jimmy if he wanted to play the drums, and then Johnny joined a year later on bass. We played gigs around campus and made our first album at school, until moving to Chicago in August of last year.


“Shapeshifter” is a completely captivating and versatile track. What was the writing/recording process like? Can you dive into some details about the lyrics?

Shapeshifter was a song that took us a long time. It started with a riff that we basically wrote around. It’s a heavy song of ours, riddled with distortion. I think while writing this one I had the idea of someone who is manipulative. At some points your friend, and others your enemy. I think everyone can fall into this category at different times in life, which makes it interesting to think about and write about. A bit of a nod to the fact that not all things are black and white. 

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

I personally love both recording and playing live.  It’s exciting to take songs from live performances and see how they transform in the studio, and vice versa.  When we play live we try our best to replicate what’s been done on the recording, but we aren’t too hard on ourselves.  The uncertainty is part of what makes it fun - Jack.

What are some of your ultimate goals as a group? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

From the time we started we just wanted to hang with our buds and play music.  I think that’s still very much our mindset right now. We’d love to make a career out of this, which is hopefully the next chapter for us.  We love traveling and playing out-of-town gigs, and we’re going to continue writing music that excites us.

It was such a pleasure to feature your new music! What’s next for the band artistically?

Thank you we really appreciate it! More songs & more shows!  We’re writing a ton and planning to release a full length album...soon(ish).