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The Electrifying Evolution of KASIA Strikes the “Heartstrings” With This Energetic House Anthem

KASIA, the dynamic Canadian artist who seamlessly transitioned from synth-pop and international modeling to electronic music production, has set the stage ablaze with her latest single, "Heartstrings."

Bursting with energy, this track marks the first release from her upcoming debut album, promising an electrifying sonic journey for the audience. In this house genre gem, KASIA weaves elements of bass house, pop, and ethereal house into the fabric of "Heartstrings."

The song, written and produced by the Vancouver-based artist, is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and musical prowess. Its promising foundation lies in the house genre, but it ventures into uncharted territory with the bass house and pop elements, all enveloped in an ethereal house ambiance. The result? A catchy and uplifting atmosphere punctuated by heavy synth drops, while the honesty in the lyrics adds a layer of authenticity.

KASIA shares that the genesis of "Heartstrings" stems from her personal experiences, navigating the aftermath of an abusive relationship. Songwriting became a sanctuary for her, and creating melodies and verses was spiritually healing. She aimed to empower and forge a cathartic connection with the audience with this single. The accompanying music video visually encapsulates the journey of resilience and self-discovery, mirroring the transformative power of reclaiming one's narrative.

KASIA's foray into electronic music has been nothing short of groundbreaking, having garnered representation from esteemed labels like 9MM LABEL, 404 Deep House Records, and Powher Sound. "Heartstrings" follows a series of breakthroughs, including a milestone performance at the Rifflandia Music Festival in 2023 that many can look forward to.

This song is a vibrant and raw expression of KASIA's evolution, radiating with energy. As she delves into the dance genre, her music offers a fresh twist that resonates with mainstream appeal and the underground scene.

With eclectic soundscapes waiting to be discovered, "Heartstrings" showcases KASIA putting her heart and soul into a musical odyssey that promises spiritual and energizing rewards for the fortunate listeners who dive into its depths.

We're captivated by the empowering essence of "Heartstrings" and its ability to forge a cathartic bond with listeners. Could you share how this track should resonate with the audience and the emotional landscape you hope to paint?

Thank you for having me! I aim for listeners to feel empowered and sense a surge of upliftment. I'm deeply committed to advocating for equality and resilience against adversity, and I want my music to reflect that. Music has been a huge lifesaver for me in many different ways over the years. I want to make music that could potentially help others, too. 

Your willingness to infuse your music with personal vulnerability is truly commendable. Could you delve deeper into how songwriting became a refuge during the aftermath of an abusive relationship and the transformative journey it took you on spiritually?

Thank you for acknowledging that. Songwriting and creative expression have been lifelong passions for me. Singing feels like a sacred dialogue, a connection with something beyond myself, perhaps rooted in my upbringing singing in church. Over time, I've discovered the profound healing power of music, and now I’m exploring its therapeutic frequencies.

The anticipation for your debut album, starting with "Heartstrings," is palpable. What can fans expect from this forthcoming release, and how does it align with the enriching experiences you aim to offer through your music?

"Heartstrings" marks the genesis of my artistic exploration – a journey towards discovering my voice and style. I'm thrilled to deepen this musical journey, crafting pieces that resonate with me. Expect ethereal house vibes and visually captivating music videos, with the next track slated for an April release.

Your transition from synth-pop to electronic music is fascinating. How do you perceive the evolution of your sound over time, and what key elements do you believe define your current musical identity?

My musical evolution has been marked by a deeper immersion in house music and the integration of healing frequencies into my compositions over the past five years. Reflecting on my journey from Fan Death, I'm grateful for the experience and intrigued by how some aspects of that era resurface in my current work.

What upcoming projects on the horizon excite you the most as KASIA?

Creating captivating music videos is always a thrill for me! I'm also eagerly planning live shows with my band, diving into the studio to craft new sonic landscapes, and further experimenting with integrating healing frequencies into my music.


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