The Explosive New Single "Belize" From Hiro Is Bound to Make You Dance - Even in Quarantine!

Hiro is a DJ and Music Producer based out of Cabo San Lucas Bay, who’s musical passion started at a young age. To further hype up his exciting forthcoming album 'Anonymous Minds,' Hiro just recently released his groundbreaking new dance floor single “Belize.

“Belize” starts with a grooving intro, which leads to a magical ethereal vibe that grabs your attention, before leading out to mayhem of fresh new rhythms in the drop. We could not help but get up and start dancing the moment this moment came up, it’s one of those feel-good dance tunes that has such an incredibly moving bass and drum rhythm that captivates you to move to the music. This record features a dancing pulsing piano, ethereal pads, grabby filtered plucks, a deep solid bass holding the dance floor in place, and the ever so explosive drums that carry the emotion through. “Belize” easily has a major festival vibe that will get a whole crowd jumping. "Belize" is not only a party song, but it's also a song you can chill out to at night - you get the best of both worlds with this one. We are thrilled about this release and cannot wait for Hiro’s upcoming 'Anonymous Minds' album.

Listen to "Belize" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hiro! Your release “Belize” instantly had us getting up to dance! What does your typical work process look like for creating a tune like this? Are there any elements that you start with first? I use to have an organized way of producing each track. But as time has passed, I really find myself approaching each project differently nowadays. Sometimes I’ll start with a breakdown and build-up, sometimes I’ll root a track around a drop..and once in a while I’ll take it on with a good old fashioned intro and outro layout first. I’ve really found, for me at least, that music and inspiration just have a way of forming on its own. Each project is unique in that sense. “Belize” has a bit of that major festival vibe but also that late night club vibe, what inspires you to go in this modern direction? Is it something that comes to you or do you have any idols? After living in such a tropical and warm destination, I’ve been really inspired lately around more “beach club” and party vibe sounds. Belize really manifested itself in my imagination one day while I was laying out on the beach with my dogs. The visualization started and I could hear the melody in my head. I went home right away and started putting in work.  When you first started creating music at a young age, were you creating EDM at the time? How have you evolved in your production skills from then to now?  Actually, believe it or not, my first dive into music production started with hip hop and R&B way back in the day. As they are still my favorite genres of music to listen to on my own time. But I found myself being able to express my creativity and imagination much better in the electronic music realm. House music is still my favorite category to spin :) It’s definitely an exciting thing to be putting out an album, how does this single compare to the music on the album? How long have you been working on this track for in comparison to the tracks on the album? I’m super excited about this album as it will be my first. I’ve traditionally only released singles and remixes in the past. So far this wasn’t the longest project I’ve worked on for the album. But it is definitely one of my favorites. I’m very happy with how the end result came out. I hope everyone enjoys listening to the album once it’s released. As I had a blast creating it from start to finish!