The Fizzgigs Crash the Party With “Destiny”

From Calgary, Alberta, the exhilarating four-piece pop-punk band The Fizzgigs heat up our day with their latest attention-commanding single and music video, "Destiny."

Named after the benevolent monster from the fantasy classic, The Dark Crystal, The Fizzgigs wanted to show that, yeah, they can joke around and won't take themselves too seriously, but their music is utterly ferocious. The band's talents have landed them alongside acts like A Wilhelm Scream, Teenage Bottlerocket, Mad Caddies, 88 Fingers Louie, and more.

Now releasing their fiery pop-punk single, "Destiny," The Fizzgigs question various acts and emotions that keep them in line. Humility, vanity, sobriety, comedy, but when it comes to destiny, The Fizzgigs know it's just another one of life's tests. In the song's music video, The Fizzgigs give it their all and blow us away with a swift and high-energy performance.

Hitting play on the single, "Destiny," the song kicks off with a powerhouse pop-punk instrumental that brings the energy to a high right off the bat. As the lead vocalist begins expressing his notions on various acts and emotions, The Fizzgigs keep the vibrant flare alive with their cohesive arrangements and explosive attitudes that shake our speakers.

The song's music video is another thrilling venture that helps us get to know the power and excitement of a Fizzgigs gig. The entire video looks like it's played in fast-motion, but their performance perfectly matches up with the recording thanks to directors Patryk Terelak and Rockwell White. Overall, The Fizzgigs' energy is infectious, and we're truly refreshed by such a go-getting and tenacious band like themself.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Fizzgigs. We love the ferocious yet playful feel of "Destiny." Was your band inspired by any particular experiences or ideas when creating this track?

JAY: ​I was trying to find a way to personify shitty personality traits I see in myself, kind of as a way to "call myself out". It also outlines my sort of casual nihilism about the ideas of purpose and fate, and accepting that existence is simply order weaving through the chaos. CODY: I didn't co-write this song. However, I sure did give 'er on that "1-2-3-4" off the top.

MR. DEAN: The memory I have of first hearing the demo for this tune is quite clear in my mind. I remember writing to Jay to compliment the bravery in his lyrical approach and the unusual but still-very-accessible song structure.

What does your band's creative process look like? How did you go about splitting the work for "Destiny?”

JAY: ​The lead guitar part in the intro (also first vocal hook) had been bouncing around in my head for a few months and I was pretty eager to find a home for it. I think once I shit out a few root note ideas the song was mostly finished in pre-production the same day. The music was written on piano first as I find it easier to flesh out parts with all options in front of me. The lyrics took us a bit longer as I am fairly insecure about my prose, and I think we went back and forth a few times on the verse lines to ensure it flowed nicely. Who knows if we succeeded or not.

CODY: Jay wrote the songs on "Weeeeeeeeeeeee are the Fizzgigs", and the rest of us jumped in after to bring them to life... our music moving forward is a little more collaborative, but Jay is still the main musical driver. MR. DEAN: Yeah. It’s technically a very open forum and although the songs are just one piece of the puzzle, they are the most important piece and everything else builds on top of them. Musically, we all tend to agree on what we want to hear, and that initial blueprint for the sound of the band was Jay’s baby and the thing that the rest of us wanted to be a part of.

What was it like working with directors Patryk Terelak and Rockwell White for the "Destiny" music video? Why did you choose to go for this fast-motion-like approach?

​JAY: They were absolute professionals and had most of the ideas mapped out well before I got to the set. I just did as I was told haha. Dean had the vision for the video, and I was unsure about the idea until I saw the first playback, then I was sold. I give full credit to Rockwell, Pat, and Dean for their ideas and inspiration. Too much coffee maybe? Actually, no way, there is no such thing!

CODY: Patryk and Rockwell were great to work with... all I had to do was play drums and have fun. MR. DEAN: Pat & Rock are a great team and such a fun hang. Love those guys. This is the first video we’ve produced for The Fizzgigs, and the band’s energy has always reminded me of this old Guns n’ Roses video for a song called “Garden of Eden”. I couldn’t think of a better way to capture the “bottled-up spazz” inside of all of us, and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Your music and accompanying videos have generated incredible traction. On an honest note, why do you think your band's music has been so successful?

JAY: ​I have no idea. This is the first band I have ever been in that didn't have a genre-specified path or boundaries, and due to that I found myself writing tunes that just felt right, and I attempted not to overthink them too much. As quasi-new age as it sounds, I really feel that a song will tell you where it wants to go if you are willing to listen, and the less the writer has to fight with the composition, the more often it resonates with other listeners. Everyone in the band loves melody and harmony, and it seems there is a need for that kind of mojo right now. I’m probably the wrong guy to ask though as I probably will end up starting a grindcore band in the next couple of years and contradict everything I just said.

CODY: I think a lot of young people are looking for punk rock that has a nostalgic throwback feel... and a lot of older people miss hearing new music like what they listened to in high school back in the '90s. We make our music honestly, there's no formula or goal other than to have fun. MR. DEAN: In a word, teamwork! It started with great, honest songs that genuinely connect people, brought to life by a group of friends having fun, and then elevated at each turn through the mix (Scott Giffin), master (Dave Horrocks at Infinite Wave), album art (Hamburger Hands), and relentless push from a small team of believers since its release (Melanie Kaye PR, HIP Video Promo, and Meter Records).

What's next for you?

​JAY: Hopefully shows are back again in 2022, and we have a whack of new songs for another album we are chomping at the bit to get recorded! There was talk of a graphic novel / comic book endeavor, but I was pretty high that day, so don't take my word for it.

CODY: I'm going to pick my cat up from the vet, she got spayed this morning and is going to need all the cuddles from her cat dad. I may even make a sandwich after! MR. DEAN: Yes - we are tinkering with an album’s worth of new material and will be starting to release that this year in some new ways. We feel a thirst out there for this joyful, cathartic energy that we produce together, so we’re just going to keep nurturing and growing that, and hopefully make some new friends along the way.